Pitch perfect: toiletries

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market women’s—and some men’s, too—cosmetics, deodorants and grooming products.

Adds life to years rather than years to life (face cream), B. S. Boss.
Always admired, the skin that’s Satinized (Chamberlain).
Always at your fingertips (nail polish), Lorr Laboratories.
Always faithful (Recoton).
American symbol of feminine charm, The (perfume), House of Tre-Jur.
And McKesson makes it (cleansing cream), Albolene.
Antiseptic baby oil (Mennen’s).
Antiseptic deodorant powder, The (Amolin Co.), New York.
As different from all other perfumes as you are from all other women (Emir).
As easy to use as to say (Mum), George B. Evans.
As masculine as their trade mark (Royal Flush Toiletries), B. Ansehl Co.

Beautiful hair doesn’t just happen (conditioning cream).
Beautiful skin is adored, A (Nu-Art Laboratories), South Orange, N.J.
Be beautiful with Tangee (G. W. Luft Co.), New York.
Beauty aid for every need, A (Marinello Co.), Chicago.
Beauty in every box (face powder), Celebrated Products Sales, New York.
Beauty insurance (Cocoanut oil shampoo), R. L. Watkins Co., Cleveland.
Beauty is only skin deep; Luminiere controls the skin (En-Ve, Inc.), Detroit.
Beauty’s master touch (Oriental Cream), F. L. Hopkins & Son.
Bedazzling new cosmetics for all your shining hours (Debutante).
Beforehand lotion, The (Trushay).
Be kind to your skin (Beaver-Remmers-Graham Co.), Cincinnati.
Be lovelier to love (deodorant).
Best for baby, best for you (Johnson’s baby powder).
Buy your beauty needs from beauticians (Contoure Laboratories), New York.

Cleanses the pores and softens the skin (Polar Ice Laboratories).
Color cocktails for your hair with Loxol extra (Sales Affiliates), New York.
Colors hair inside, as nature does (Inecto, Inc.), New York.
Considered essential by considerate men (Sportsmen grooming essentials).
Correct, right to the fingertips (cosmetics), Glass packaging.
Cosmetics of the stars, Hollywood (Sales Buildings, Inc.), Los Angeles.
Cream shampoo for true hair loveliness, The (Lustre-Cream).
Creates essentials of beauty (creams), Schiaparelli.
Creme cold wave, The (Toni home permanent).
Cutex nails are loveliest.
Cuticle vanishes, The (cuticle set), Softol.

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