Pitch perfect: refrigerators

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market home refrigerators and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Aristocrat of refrigerators, The (Herrick Refrigerator Co.).

Best dealer in town sell Norge, The (refrigerator).
Better always better (Kelvinator). Refrigerator.
Better products for a better world (Norge).
Better way of living, A (electric refrigeration), Soc. for Elec. Development.
Built for connoisseurs of refrigeration (Kelvinator).
Built right for over forty years (ice boxes), Belding-Hall Electric Corp.
Buy your last refrigerator first (Jewell Refrigerator Co.).

Chest with a chill in it, The (Maine Mfg. Co.).
Coat-O-Cold (refrigeration plates), Portable Elevator Mfg. Co.
Cold and silent as a winter night (Sparton refrigerator).
Colder-than-ice refrigeration (Iron Mountain Co.).
Cook with cold (“Ice Maid”), Lamson Co., Syracuse, N. Y.
Crisp dry cold of a frosty night, The (Iroquois Electric Refrigeration Co.).

Defrosts itself, saves shut-downs (Belding-Hall).
Dependable electric refrigeration (Lamson Co.).
Dry constant cold of the mountain top, The (General Refrigeration Co.).

Electrical refrigeration, a way to better living (Soc. for Elec. Development).
Electric ice is self-defrosting, The (Belding-Hall).
Electric refrigeration, a way to better living (Soc. for Elec. Development).

Fills a universal need (Universal Cooler Corp.).
Fits any ice box (iceless refrigeration), Isko Co.
Flame that freezes, The (Servel, Inc.).
For better living (G.E. refrigerator).

General Motors means Good Measure.
Get the best thing first, get Kelvinator.
Good reputation has to be earned, A (Blu-Cold Refrigerators), Lehigh Mfg. Co.

Ice by wire (Servel).
Ice cubes instantly, tray to glass (Inland Mfg. Co.), Dayton.
Ice is cheaper, better, safer (Ice Publicity Assn.).
Ice that never melts (Sanat Refrigerating Co.).
Is your refrigerator a Success? (Success Mfg. Co.).
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