Pitch perfect: Prize-winning slogans, pt. 2

This week’s collection of slogans from William Sunners’ 1949 effort, American Slogans, is taken from a chapter entitled prize-winning slogans—they were submitted by members of the public when the companies and organizations cited conducted slogan contests, with prizes awarded to the winners.

As we noted last week, it’s interesting to see that a couple of products, Crisco and Cheerioats (the original name of the cereal we know as Cheerios), seemed to believe strongly in the idea of slogan contests—they are represented by multiple slogans among this week’s offerings. And public safety slogans, too, again appear quite often.

This week, we’re sharing with you the prize-winning slogans from E to L. More to come next week.

Each release a star-packed treasure from which Millions Get More pleasure (MGM).
Each share pays regular dividends (Kellogg’s All-Bran).
Easy to blend, easier to bake, easier to digest (Crisco).
Easy to blend, mi and measure, Crisco triples baking pleasure ($50).
Easy to read and easy to like (Minneapolis Star).
Eat, drink and be healthy with Florida’s citrus fruits.
Eat your way to health (Kellogg’s Corn Flakes).
Economy glides in Chevrolet rides.
Eggs, the certified ration of the nation.
Electric rangers always lead, more so new with Super-Speed (won $100).
Energizing oats in crispy new coats ($100), Cheerioats.
Energy in circles ($100), Cheerioats.
Erase that harassed kitchen look, be a care-free Crisco cook.
“Essentially American” and an “American Essential” (Capper’s Weekly).
Every age is the wood age (won $100).
Every bite brings delight (Kellogg’s Corn Flakes).
Every Bond that you withhold turns a Blue Star into gold ($500).
Every bubble washes double (soap).
Every Defense Stamp means a “token” for Tokyo ($25).
Every little flake has a flavor of its own (Kellogg’s).
Every member a winner and every winner a member (National Contesters Assn.)
      Created by William Sunners, 1938, Philadelphia Convention.
Every picture a starry gem when it’s labelled M G M.
Every size, type and shade, the smoothest zipper ever made ($100), Crown.
Every spoonful is health-full ($50), Hydrox Ice Cream.
Every STRIKE against U. S. is a RUN batted in for the Axis.
Every tests show Seminole best, appreciated by both family and guest (tissue).
Everybody’s safety is everybody’s business ($50).
Everyone gains where safety obtains.
Exactly right to write exactly ($1000).
Extending the fame of a good name (Schlitz Beer).
E-Z way to prevent D-K (toothpaste).

Family bond that never defaults its monthly interest, The (Household Magazine).
Family news buoy, The (Capper’s Weekly).
Farm aids on every page (Capper’s Farmer).
Farm made farm aid (Capper’s Farmer).
Faster on the getaway, better on the hills (Dodge contest).
Favorite facts for farm and honest helps for home (Capper’s Farmer).
Favorite station of New York’s population, The (won television set), WPIX.
FDR, our guiding star (won 9-day trip).
Feed families our groceries (first price), FFOG store.
Feet feel glad Air-O-Magiclad shoes (shoes).
Fineline, a fine line with a fine future (won $100), Sheaffer pencil.
Fine, faithful friend, fearful foe (safety slogans).
Fire fire first before fire fires you.
Fire sweeps where carelessness creeps.
Fireside encore of the artist (Edison phonograph).
First choice of those who know best North, South, East and West (Coca-Cola).
First-class prices for second-hand cars.
First in favor, best in flavor.
First in news and best in news (Minneapolis Star).
First In Noteworthy Elegance; Last In Noble Efficiency (acrostic FINELINE).
First in selection for pastime perfection (Parchesi contest).
First word in News, the last word in Entertainment, The (won $5000), WPIX.
Fish Insures Sound Health (acrostic for FISH).
Fits easy! Feels breezy (Ever Kool Hat).

Fit the feet; keep the feet fit (Air-O-Magic shoes).
Flash for the gloom, a lamp for the room, A (Bond flashlight).
Flavored right, it’s the favorite ($10).
Flavor’s right in every bite, The ($25), Cardinet Candy.
Flexible, washable, smooth and smart Crown excels in every part ($100), Zipper.
Florida fruit’s finer flavor wins national favor (oranges).
Florida fruits for glowing health and clear skin (citrus).
Follow your taste and feed your face (toasted peanuts).
Foolosophy—take a chance ($10).
Fools come first, drive ahead.
Fools have no reason, death has no season; drive carefully.
Fools used to blow out the gas, now they step on it.
For a line or a letter Fineline is better (pencil).
For a smiling start and a strong finish ($25), Cheerioats.
For after-taste a timely hint, refresh yourself with Crist-O-Mint ($500).
For baking day’s head start pre-creamed Crisco does its part ($50).
For balanced meals on balanced budgets ($250), Goodman noodles.
For building needs, lumber leads ($100).
For comfort night and day try Reliance Stoker’s way (won a car).
For decided economy and dependable quality use Occident ($66), Flour.
For finer fruit say “Florida” (won vacation trip).
For fun and sun galore San Diego gives you more (won a boat).
For goodness sake, use Goodman’s (noodles).
For higher cakes use creamier Crisco, not extra layers ($50).
For neatness, smoothness, matching beauty Crown Zippers do triple duty.
For perfection when I fry upon Crisco I rely.
For recipe-book results rely on sure-mix Crisco ($50).
For recreation and vacation San Diego leads the nation (won $3000 speedboat).
For regularity, serve regularly (Kellogg’s All-Bran).
For reliance use a Gordon appliance.
For smoke control and pleasure whole try honey-treated Yellow-Bole ($25), Pipe.
For smokeless frying, delicious browning, use and re-use Crisco (mixmaster).
For smoking needs, Muriel leads (cigars).
For tangy flavor, breath protection, Wint-O-Green spells perfection ($100).
For that ole Colonial Belle complexion Camay is the beauty soap protection.
For that super-cook ego use that super-creamed Crisco ($50).
For the best in life buy the best in foods ($50), Cleveland Food Show.
For the unexpected guest, White Star Tuna’s always best.
For time and forever ($100), Watch and wedding ring contest.
For tooth health, for tooth beauty Dr. West’s does double duty (dentrifice).
For vacation-land without a peer, San Diego throughout the year ($3000 boat).
Forever growing, forever serving ($100), Omaha-World Herald want ad contest.
Forever young ($1000 a year for life), Camay Soap.
Formula for fascination (soap).
Four-wheel brakes are useless without fore-sighted drivers.
Free giving today beats giving up freedom tomorrow ($25), War Bond campaign.
Free wheeling, the coming way of going places (won Studebaker).
Freedom for all, all for freedom ($25), War Bond campaign.
Freedom is not free, you must earn it.
Fresh as a flapper.
Friendly paper for friendly folks (Capper’s Weekly).
From first to last, creamier Crisco blends fresh and fast.
From the sidewalks of New York to the nation’s skyways (television), WPIX.
Full measure of mealtme pleasure, A ($500), Conquest Food.
Full measure of movie pleasure, A (movies).
Furniture that stands the test at Hadley’s ($25).

Game of the ages for youngsters and sages, The (Parchesi).
Garden-fresh, packed to perfection, gold-lined for flavor protection.
Gayway, the gayest time since ’49 (amusement zone slogan).
Get it done (first prize).
Get more go from every gallon (Oldsmobile).
Get on the Bond wagon ($25), War Bond drive.
Get posted, they’re toasted (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
Give a lift to a colored solider; he’s also an American ($25), Jimmy Fadler.
Give health the right of way (Kellogg’s All-Bran).
Give life a chance … and dance.
Give problem feet the air (Air-O-Magic shoes).
Give the pedestrian a break by using yours.
Go fast and save a minute; go slow and save a life.
Golden flakes of boundless energy (Kellogg’s Corn Flakes).
Golden Life Save with a wealth of flavor, The.
Golden treasures for mealtime pleasures (won radio), Corn flakes.
Good brakes prevent bad manners.
Good buy to see by, A (won $1000), Verd-A-Ray electric Bulb.
Good deal today will mean a great deal tomorrow, A ($100), Used car slogan.
Good driving record is no accident, A.
Good gum to “chews” up with, A ($100), B-Wise.
Good investment; the interest increases each month, A (Household Magazine).
Goodman’s keeps my budget down and my energy up (noodles).
Good to the last step (Dancing).
Goodman’s, made locally, craved nationally, good naturally (noodles).
Goodness, alive! (won $250), Belfast Sparkling Water.
Grand old health-building food in a brand-new ready-to-eat form ($100).
Grand show in good taste, A (Cleveland Food Show).
Grained to be a leader (Sperry Wheat Hearts).
Great television for Greater New York (won television set), WPIX.
Growing necessity, A (National Lumber Manufacturers).
Growing supply for a growing demand, A (lumber).
Guarded lights mean guarded lives.
Guarded teeth mean guarded health (Dr. West’s toothpaste).
Guy behind can’t read your mind, use signals, The.
Gyro-churn does the beating, for faster mixing, better eating ($50), Crisco.

Happiness begins within ($1000 prize), Kellogg’s All-Bran.
Happiness reigns within (bran).
Has a way of renewing its life (flashlight).
Has shock absorbers like your car to guard the bulb against each jar (flash).
He passed them all, all saw his passing.
He was admiring the scenery; now he’s part of it.
Health in a handy package ($500), Kellogg’s All-Bran.
Heat the economical way (coal).
Heats fast, flavors last (Crisco).
Help blaze the way to a blazeless day (safety).
Help stop human slaughter (safety).
Here are food facts worth heeding plus home helps I’m needing (food show).
Here gum’s the bride ($1000).
Here’s a suggestion, Crisco’s kind to digestion.
Herald of human interest (Capper’s Weekly).
Highroad to happy homes (Household Magazine).
Home-maker’s college for household knowledge, A (Household Magazine).
Honor Hoosier highways (Indiana safety contest).
Honor ROLL of cigardom (Seal Skin Cigar).
Hoops of joy greet zings of energy ($25), Cheerioats.
Hot-blooded drivers invite cold-blooded accidents.
Hot Patch, the only patch that won’t detach ($750), Tire patch.
Household is first in homes that last (Household Magazine).
Household protective service takes the “L” out of C(L)ash (Insurance).
How to lose friends—drive carelessly.
Hydraulically lubrication insures effective manipulation (Nordstrom Valve).

I want to live, so help me.
I’d rather be right than dead wrong.
If at first you don’t succeed, it’s not a Crown Zipper.
If freedom’s worth praying for, it’s certainly worth paying for ($10), Bonds.
If the last flake crackles, it’s Kellogg’s (won auto), Corn flakes.
If you cut in, you may pass out.
If you want a money saver, eat Bond Bread with baked-in flavor.
I’m glad to be an American because the very word ends in I CAN.
In Butter Rum, new taste delight, richness, goodness mellowness unite ($100).
In King Orange’s tastingling refreshment there’s a cooler, keener enjoyment ($100).
Inconspicuous by their presence (Crown Zipper).
Inside’s safe when the outside’s fibre (Bond electric flashlight).
Insure America’s tomorrow, buy Defense Bonds today ($150).
If you can’t drive carefully, don’t drive.
If you can’t fight it, write it, check and double check ($25), War Bonds.
If you drink, don’t drive; if you drive, don’t drink.
If you love Liberty, buy Bonds liberally.
If you make a HIT today, you’ll sure MISS tomorrow (safety slogan).
If you want to keep working, keep working with care ($50).
If you’re in a hurry, start sooner.
In “knock-cut” flavor it abounds, Butter Rum in eleven ROUNDS.
Industrial city of sea-lanes and soaring skyline ($100), Houston.
Inside’s safe when the outside’s painted (Clean-Up Campaign).
Instrument of colorful music, The (Brunswick phonograph).
In tune with today’s tempo (Graham automobile).
Investigate electric heat (National Electric Manufacturers).
Invite Crown to your next opening (Crown Zipper).
It fries without smoke and creams with a stroke.
It glorifies with speed and ease grandmother’s favorite recipes ($50), Crisco.
It isn’t a home until it’s furnished.
It makes magazine pictures come to life in my kitchen (Occident Flour).
It makes my kitchen seem terribly important ($100), food show.
It may not be your fault, but your funeral ($50).
It pays in the long run to buy quality at the start (Willys Overland).
It protects what your dentist inspects (won $500), Tooth powder.
It reigns where it is poured (Kellogg’s All-Bran).
It reigns where it pours (coffee).
It sells fast for its cells last (flashlight).
It’s as good OLD as it is when it’s new (Crisco).
Its best reference is public preference (Parchesi).
Its equal has ne’er been sold (milk).
Its extra B-1 content makes one Be Extra content (Sperry Wheat Hearts).
Its goodness fits the name of Schlitz.
Its goodness never varies (first prize), Golden Dream Coffee.
Its life begins at 40,000 miles.
It’s much cheaper because I get more loaves per sack (Occident Flour).
It’s on the crest because it’s best (Parchesi).
It’s PLANTERS, please, because Planters PLEASE (peanuts).
Its purity is my security.
Its quick blending and sure mixing improve baking ($50), Crisco.
Its reference is public preference (Omaha World-Herald).
It’s so pure and sure, mixes instantly in any temperature ($50), Crisco.
It’s stylish to drink Coca-Cola.
It’s tender and sweet, a treat to eat ($500 prize), Wilson’s Ham.
It’s the land where sweat and steel make Democracy real (Bond contest).
It’s Washington’s birthday; let’s make it a War Bond SELLebration.
It’s within reach of every pocketbook ($25), War Bond campaign.
It’s worth its weight in every state (Household Magazine).

Jay-walking’s faster, but ends in disaster.
Join the majority, keep SMOOTH with Mennen’s brushless ($1000 prize).
Judging from conclusive tests Reliance Stokers do it best (won car).
Just another name for results (Omaha World-Herald classified ad contest).
Just taste that flavor ($100), Alta Coffee.

Keep both hands on the wheel; SOFT SHOULDERS are dangerous.
Keep ’em rolling, keep ’em flying, keep America from dying (first prize).
Keep that new driver’s license clean on both sides.
Keep your feet fitted and fit with the DALY comfort of Air-O-Magic Shoes.
Keep your hands, and your hands will keep you (safety).
Keep your mind on your business, when your business is driving.
Keep your teeth and your teeth will keep you (Dr. West’s Toothpaste).
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes put REAL in Cereal.
Kellogg’s, the de luxe model of breakfast foods.
Key to a colorful home, The (H=4-Hour Enamel).
King Coal and his fiddlers three: heat, comfort, economy (coal industry).

Land where your conscience is your only dictator.
Landmarks, not trade-marks (Esso sign removal contest).
Leads the world in magazine entertainment (American Weekly).
Less fuel, more heat, Reliance Stokers can’t be beat ($100).
Let Cryst-O-Mint give the “All Clear” to your throat ($100).
Let the barber give pedestrians a close shave.
Let the fellow who rocks the boat paddle his own canoe.
Let us come CLEAN and DYE for you (cleaning and dyeing firm contest).
Let us RING the BELLE for you (jewelry store).
Let us tell it so you can sell it (Omaha World-Herald classified ads).
Let us think individually but roll up our sleeves collectively.
Let your pennies whisper of thrift so your dollars may shout of Freedom ($100).
Let your pup be your furnace man (Bryant Oil Burner).
Let’s have more recreation and less wreck-creation.
Liberty is our legacy, defense of it is our duty ($100).
Light as air for summer wear (Ever Kool Hat).
Like the beer it has no peer (Schlitz).
Limousine-comfort at working man’s price (Studebaker).
Lingering flavor, cool and keen, prolongs the joy of Wint-O-Green $100).
Little bit more will win the war, A ($200), Harold Sunners.
Little sprinkle makes things twinkle (soap).
Little weekly savings, little payments planned, make a mighty total and a Christmas grand ($100), Christmas Club contest.
Long head, not headlong (National Safety Council).
Look both ways, but drive only one way—carefully.
Look twice before you step once.

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