Pitch perfect: gasoline

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market gasoline and motor oil.

Alemite helps the world go ’round (Stewart-Warner Corp.).
Alemite means correct lubrication.
All the way from the refinery to your farm (Cities Service gasoline).
Always delivers (gasoline).
America’s fifth freedom is free enterprise (Union Oil Co.).
America’s No. 1 gasoline (Socony-Vacuum Co.).
An extra quart of lubrication in every gallon (Quaker State).
As the sign of friendly service (Mobilgas).

Best in new cars; best in old cars (Sealed Power Corp.), Muskegon, Mich.
Best of miles, The (Skelly Oil Co.), Kansas City, Mo.
Best oil in any case, The (Sterling).
Best that can be bought “a quarter a quart.” Why pay more?, The (Harwood Bros.).
Be thrifty, buy quality (Valvoline Oil Co.).
Better run for your money, A (Ethyl).
Better stick to the STANDARD (oil).
Blue Sunoco, the Over-Drive Motor Fuel (Sun Oil Co.).

Choice of champions, The (Kendall Refining Co.), Bradford, Pa.
Cleans as it lubricates (Havoline motor oil).
Costs less to start with (Standard Oil Co.).
Cream of them all, The (El Penn Motor Oil Co.), Columbus.

Distilled motor oil, The (Sun Oil Co.).
Does four jobs at once (Shell Motor Oil).
Down, Gilmore, down (Gilmore Oil Co.).

Economy gasoline (Tydol), Tide Water Oil Co.
Economy oil for Fords (Forzol), Tide.
Engineered to fit the job (Tycol lubricants).
Extra miles are free, The (Lion Oil Refining Co.), El Dorado, Ark.

Film of protection, The (Veedol Motor Oil).
Finest anti-knock non-premium gasoline ever offered at no extra cost (Union).
Finest oil that man produces, suited for a thousand uses, The (3-in-1 Oil Co.).
First choice of experience (Quaker State oil).
Flows fast, stays tough (Pennzoil).
Food for speed (gasoline), British Petroleum Co., London.
For a change, try Sohio (Standard Oil Co.).
For clean lubrication (Door-Ease products), Am. Grease Stick Co.
For every machine of every degree of wear there is a Sinclair Oil to suit its speed and seal its power (Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corp.).
For happy motoring (Esso).
Full powered (Pomiac gasoline), Winona Oil Co., Winona, Wisc.

Gasoline, not cut price guessoline (Sun Oil Co.).
Gives your engine an extra margin of safety (Pennzoil Co.).
Goes farther safer (Pennzoil).
Grade for each type of motor, A (Vacuum Oil Co.).

Happy motoring (Standard Oil Co.).
Headquarters for lubricants and lubri-counsel (Davis-Howland Oil Corp.).
High quality household oil, The (Three-in-One Oil Co.).
High pressure lubrication (Alemite), Bassick Hfg. Co., Chicago.
Horizons widen through Shell research.

If it’s Cities Service, it has to be good.
Inside track to profits (Socony Vacuum lubricants).
It has every essential quality, perfect balance (Pennsylvania Motor Oil).
It’s a life insurance policy for your engine (Valvoline).
It makes a difference (Havoline Oil), Indian Refining Co.
It’s a lucky day for your car when you change to Quaker State Motor Oil.
It’s fortified, just try it (Gilmore Oil Co.).
It’s life insurance for your engine (Valvoline Oil Co.).
It’s standard (Socony gas).
I’ve tried ’em all (Gilmore Oil Co.), Los Angeles.

Keep a new car new (Motor Co. Lubication).
Keeps your engine clean (Havoline motor oil).
Keeps your motor clean as a whistle (Sinclair motor oil).
Keep your motor young (Motor Rhythm), Oil.
Knockless at the regular price (Supertest Petroleum), Gasoline.
Knock-out fuel, nox out nox, The (Canfield Oil Co.), Cleveland.
Knock out that “knock” (Ethyl gasoline), Imperial Oil Co.

Let your motor be your judge, it knows (Nicholas Oil Co.).
Life insurance policy for your engine, A (Valvoline Oil Co.).
Life saver of gasoline engines, The (British-American Oil).
Lubricants of quality (Manufacturers Oil & Grease Co.).
Lubricates longer (motor oil), Crew-Levick Co.

Made by the new Clearosol process (Oil).
Make a date to Oil-Plate NOW (Nth motor oil).
Make it Amoco all the way.
Makes a better motor, keeps your motor better (Hyvis Motor Oil).
Miles of smiles (Motor fuel), Sherwood Bros., Baltimore.
More power to you (National Refining Co.), Cleveland.
Most highly-filtered motor oil in America, The (Gilmore Oil Co.).
Most smiles per gallon (fuel oil), Hygrade Oil & Fuel Corp., Buffalo.

Naturally you can depend on Natural (Natural Prods. Refining Co.).
New freedom from lubrication worries (Marvelube lubricant).
Next time get Ethyl (gasoline).
Not a knock in a tankful (Crown Dominion Oil).
Not a ring in a gallon (Neverring Mfg. Co.).
Not just a gallon of oil, but a gallon of oil service (Paragon Oil Co.).

Oil of a million tests, The (National Refining Co.).
Oil of endurance, The (Red Indian).
Oil that goes farther, faster, safer (New Pennzoil motor oil).
100% Pennsylvania at its best (Veedol).
One right oil for Ford cards, The (Ivaline-Foralyn), Winona Oil Co.

Pacemaker of gasolines, The (Texaco).
Pass word of the road, The (Sun Oil Co.), Philadelphia.
Peak of perfection (gasoline, oils, greases), Paragon Refining Co.
Pedigreed Pennsylvania products (Conawanga Refining Co.).
Penetrates, lubricates, cuts grease, prevents rust, will not gum (Dripless Penetrating Oil), American Grease Stick Co.
Perfection for new cars; protection for old cars (Veedol oil).
Pour smoothness into your motor (O’Neil Oil Co.).
Premium motor oil at regular price, A (Gulflube Motor Oil).
Puts wings on your car (Tydol).

Roar with Gilmore (Gilmore Oil Co.).
Roar with silence (Gilmore Oil Co.).
Runs in, will not run out (Dripless Penetrating Oil).

Scientific lubricants for scientific lubrication (Swan & Finch Co.).
Service insurance for your machinery (Humble Oil and Refining Co.).
Sign of extra service, The (Esso).
Sign the nation knows, The (Socony).
Soil tested (Farmers Cotton Oil Co.).
Sooner the better, The (Ivaline Motor Oil).
Sound your Z (Pennzoil).
Specialized lubrication (Alemite).
“Streamlined acting” motor fuel (Sun Oil Co.).
Sustained quality (Associated Oil Co.).

Take it slow, it’s rarin’ to go (Conoco N-tane).
That cushiony feeling lasts longer with Marfak (motor oil).
There is no substitute for quality (gasoline, oil), Skelly Oil Co.
There’s power in every drop (Odol Corp.).
200 extra miles of lubrication (Motorite), Union Oil Co.
Try a tankful, you’ll notice the difference immediately (Pure Quill Gas).

Unsurpassed to help motors last (Kendall Oil).
Unsurpassed to help your car last (Kendall Refining Co.).
Utmost in lubrication, The (Skelly Oil Co.).

Wherever shafts move (National Oil).
Wonder fuel, The (Nu-Blue Sunoco).
World’s finest motor oil, The (Gulf).
World’s most economical motor oil (Radbill Oil Co.).

You can be sure of Shell (gasoline).

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