Pitch perfect: communities

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, today we feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market cities and civic campaigns.

America’s birthplace (Plymouth Colony Assn.), Plymouth, Wisc.
America’s dairyland (Wisconsin).
America’s home town (Plymouth Colony Assn.).
America’s lake country (The Thousand Lakes Assn.), St. Paul.
America’s Mediterranean (Miami Shores), Miami.
America’s only tropics (Coral Gables), Miami.
At the seashore, in the country, near the city (Lido Beach), New York.

Birth state of the nation (Pennsylvania).

Center of scenic America (Salt Lake City).
City that does things, The (Norfolk, Va.).
City of destiny (Tacoma).
City of industrial opportunity, The (Warren, Pa.).
Clean up and paint up (Nat. Clean Up Campaign Bureau), New York.
Clean, paint up and fix up (Nat. Clean Up Campaign Bureau).
Climate best by government test (Redwood City, Calif.).
Cool off in Colorado.
Cordage city, The (Auburn, N. Y.).
Crossroads of the Pacific (Hawaii).

Dallas is the door to Texas.
Double crossroads of America (Indianapolis).
Dynamo of Dixie, The (Chattanooga, Tenn.).

Enchanted land of opportunity, Florida.

Find your place in the sun (San Francisco Peninsula).
For cleanliness, thrift and civic pride (Nat. Clean Up Campaign).
Forging a share in victory (Thompson McLaughlin Co.), Portland, Me.
Forward with Memphis, since ’69.

Give them life and make it worth living (United Jewish Appeal).
Give to conquer cancer (American Cancer Society).
Good citizenship is good business (Nat. Clean Up Campaign).
Great state in which to live and work, A (Rhode Island).

Heart of America, The (Missouri).
Heart of the fruit belt, The (Benton Harbor, Mich.).
Help others help themselves (Salvation Army).
Hub city of the southeast, The (Spartanburg, S. C.).
Hub of the Americas (New Orleans).
Hub of the highways, The (Cape Girardeau Bridge, Mo.).
Hub of world flight (Mass. Development & Industrial Comm.), Boston.

Inside the sins of adventure (Manitoba, Canada).
Isle of June (Nassau Development Board, Nassau).
It is profitable to produce in Massachusetts.

Jersey City has everything for industry.
Jewel of Florida’s west coast (Sarasota Bay).

Keep the home front strong (Greater New York Fund).
Keystone of your vacation (Pennsylvania).

Land of enchantment is calling you, The (Vancouver, B. C.).
Land of perpetual prosperity (Oklahoma City).
Land of scenic splendor (New Hampshire).
Land of ten thousand lakes, The (St. Paul, Minn.).
Logical locale for new business (Mass. Devel. & Ind. Comm.), Boston.

“Made in Bloomfield” is a mark of merit (Bloomfield, N. J.).
Maple City, The (Chatham, Ont., Canada).
Metropolis of West Florida, The (Pensacola, Fla.).
Michigan, state of happiness for everyone.

Nature’s paradise, man’s opportunity (State of Washington).
Niagara of the west (Great Falls, Montana).
Nine line city, The (Freeport, Illinois).

Opportunity’s year ’round playground (Lakeland, Fla.).

Port of personal service, The (Wilmington, Del.).

Save the surface and you save all! (Save the Surface Campaign), New York.
Ship from the center, not from the rim (St. Louis).
Show window of the nations (Canadian National Exhibition).
South Sea Isles of America (Miami, Fla.).
Spa that was inevitable, The (Saratoga).
Summer wonderland, The (Mackinac Island), Michigan.
Sunshine City, The (St. Petersburg, Fla.).
Sunshine State, The (Florida).
Sunshine Town, The (Newport, R. I.).

They walked the roads to glory (National Guard).
To make every community as clean as its cleanest home (Nat. Clean Up Camp).
Tropical Wonderland, The (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.).
Truths ageless as time (Rosicrucians).

Where life is complete (St. Joseph, Mo.).
Where nature helps industry most (Los Angeles).
Where sunshine spends the winter (El Paso, Texas).
Where summer spends the winter (West Palm Beach, Fla.).
Where summer stays and the nation plays (Sarasota, Fla.).
Where the beauty of New England meets the grandeur of the sea (Plymouth).
Where the summer spends the winter (Miami, Fla.).
Winter fun under a “summer sun” (Sun Valley, Idaho).
Winter playground of America, The (San Antonio, Tex.).
With tools of war they fashion peace (National Guard).
Wonder city of America, The (Buffalo, N. Y.).
Wonder city of America, The (Miami, Fla.).
World in itself, A (New Zealand).
World’s most beautiful island, The (Jamaica).
World’s playground, The (Atlantic City, N. J.).

You can do better in Frederick (Maryland).

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