Pitch perfect: agriculture

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market products related to agriculture and farming.

Active sulphur for soil, The (Bacsul), Western Sulphur Co.
A hand-picked separation (Grain cleaners), Carter-Mayhew Mfg. Co.
As necessary as the rain (Buhner Fertilizer Co.).

Backed by research, proved by use (Farm feed), Kasco Mills.
Better yield in every field, A (York Chemical Co.).
Beware where you buy your bee-ware (G. B. Lewis Co.).
Be wiser—buy Keiser (Grass shears, Hedge shears, etc.).
Bred, not just grown (Associated Seed Growers).
Built to do the work (Tractor and Thresher), Mpls. Streel & Mchy. Co.

California’s horticultural headquarters since 1871 (Germain Seed & Plant).
Can lay their weight in gold (Baby chicks), Ken-La Farms.
Cletrac way makes farming pay, The (tractor), Cleveland Tractor Co.
Complete plant food, not just a stimulant, A (Olds & Whipple).
Consistently good year after year (Funk G. Hybrids), Corn seeds.
Corn with husk ability, The (Pfister Ass. Growers).
Corn with stand ability, The (Pfister Assoc. Growers).
Corn with yield ability, The (Pfister Assoc. Growers).
Creators of farm wealth (Hart-Parr Co.).

Deliciously home-y (Kirgan’s Arcadia Farms).

Easier to handle, lighter draft, more durable (E. B. Foot Lift Plow).
Every packet dated; you’re they’re fresh (Ferry-Morse Seeds).
Everything for farm buildings (Louden).

Farming with mechanical power (Power Farming).
Farm that tells the whole story, The (Poultry), Mount Fair Farm.
Father of tree surgery (Davey Tree Expert Co.).
Feeder’s silent partner, The (Tuxedo Feeds), Early & Daniel Co.
Feeds and seeds to meet your needs (Crabbs Taylor Reynolds Elev. Co.).
Feeds better, too (Corn), Pfister Assoc. Growers.
Feeds that never vary (Larrowe Milling Co.).
Feed that is all feed, The (prepared feeds), Corno Mills.
Field-tested fertilizers (F. S. Royster Guano Co.).
Finest in farm machinery (Oliver).
First in value because they’re first in performance (La Plant Choate).
Food producers for the world (tractors), Hart-Parr Co.
For everything green that grows (Loma Plant Food).
For growing satisfaction (Associated Seed Growers).
For the land’s sake use Bowker’s Fertilizers.
Founders of the tractor industry (Hart-Parr Co.).
Fresh feeds are best (Syn-Kro Mills), Fertilizer.
Full of life (seeds), H. W. Buckbee.

Genuine Pfister hybrids (Pfister Assoc. Growers).
Good enough to eat (poultry food), Am. Agr. Chem. Co.
Grow what you eat (seeds), S. L. Allen & Co.
Guardian of your grove, The (Owl Fumigating Corp.).

Have stood the test (Royster fertlizer).
Hen’s only rival (103 Degree Incubator Co.).
Home is known by the lawn it keeps, A (Assoc. Seed Growers).

Ideal complete plant food, The (Olds & Whipple).
If Purina chows won’t make your hens lay, they are roosters (Ralston).
Individual hothouse for plants (Hotkaps), Germain Seed & Plant Co.
In garden or in fields, Schell’s seeds produce best yields.
Invest in Nelson’s triple-culled chix (Nelson’s Hatchery).
It costs more because it lasts longer (plant food), Olds & Whipple.
It pays to farm with Texaco products.
It’s not a home until it’s planted (Hillsdale Nurseries).

Keep all farm stock well fed (Kasko feeds).
Keeps cows contented from sunrise to sunset (Usol Fly Spray).
Keeps mites out of hen houses for one year (Usol Mite Killer).
Kill lawn weeds without killing grass (Weedone).

Larro, the safe ration for dairy cows (Larrowe Milling Co.).
Life and growth for baby chicks (Ralston Purina Co.).
Lowest cost, per yard, per hour, or per mile (Cleveland Tractor).

Make every plot a garden spot (Best Seed Co.).
Makes every acre do its best (Armour’s fertilizer).
Makes things grow (fertilizer), Chase & Co.
Man, that’s corn (Pfister, Assoc. Growers).
Midget in size, a giant in power, A (Gravely Motor Plow & Cultivator Co.).
More acres of corn, more corn per acre (Pfister Assoc. Growers).
More corn, less cob; it’s bred that way (Pfister Assoc. Growers).
More shelled corn per ear, per acre, per farm, 8 out of 10 times (Pfister).

National soil sweetener, The (Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co.).
Next best to rain (Double Rotary Sprinkler Co.).

Old English lawn seed makes better lawns (Phila. Seed Co.).
Only unbeaten New Hampshire, The (Nedlar Farm).
Original baby food for baby chicks, The (Pratt Food Co.).
Outfitters for the home grounds (Rosedale Nurseries).
Outstanding performance is not by chance but by plan (Washburn’s Seeds).

Perfect plant food, The (Loma).
Power tiller of a hundred uses (Rototiller).
Properly balanced organic plant food, The (Olds & Whipple).
Purgrain Feeds, 100% pure grain (Phila. Seed Co.).

Quaker Brand Seeds, the finest of the crop (Phila. Seed Co.).

Save the soil, nature’s indispensible gift to man (Lord Fairfax Soil Cons.).
Season-long plant food, The (Olds & Whipple).
Second best nurser in the world, The (Eveready Nursery).
Seeds of satisfaction (Assoc. Seed Growers).
Seeds that grow, in sales (Assoc. Seed Growers).
Seeds that satisfy (Dominion Seed House).
Seeds you can trust (Ferry-Morse Seed Co.).
Shells out better, too (corn), Pfister Assoc. Growers).
Sign of a new prosperity in agriculture, The (H. Ferguson Farm Equipment).
So easy, a chIld can steer it (Cleveland Tractor Co.).
Something to crow about (Am. Agr. Chem. Co.).
Southern Fertilizers for the southern farmer (The Barrett Co.).
Splendid nursery stock of all kinds (L. W. Hall Co.).
Strain the family built, The (poultry), Crooks Farm.
Successor to the binder (All-Crop Harvester), Allis-Chalmers.
Suits your land (Farmers Cotton Oil Co.).

Team of steel (tractors and threshers), Mpls. Steel & Machy Co.
That makes the difference (Ferguson Tractor).
They moo for more (cottonseed meal), Ashcraft-Wilkinson Co.
To grow the best, plant the best; use Schell’s seeds.
Tops at shelling time (Pfister Assoc. Growers).

We make a brand to suit your land (Farmers Cotton Oil Co.).
Win 8 out of 10 times (Pfister Assoc. Growers).

You can DEPEND on Esso farm products.
Yours for growing satisfaction (Neosho Nurseries).
Your way of life depends upon your day of work (Morrison Tractor).

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