Past Paper: Letter Gram Puzzles

One of our favorite things about flea markets, vintage shops, antique malls and thrift stores is finding a product or artifact we never even knew existed.

One recent example is this bit of ephemera from 1933. It’s a collection of small cardboard cards cut jigsaw-style but left intact. The idea was that one (carefully, we presume) wrote a note to a friend, paramour or family member on the card, broke it up into pieces and then mailed it in the envelope provided. The recipient then had to piece together the puzzle in order to partake of one’s wit and wisdom.

We think this is a rather charming idea, and we’re sorry its time seems to have passed. But when we saw a batch of these at a neighborhood flea market, we couldn’t resist springing for them and sharing them with you, the Cladrite community.

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