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Here’s some news for those listeners who listen to us via TuneIn: Cladrite Radio is still going strong, but Tunein, a very popular smartphone app, has just announced that it won’t be streaming Radionomy (our streaming provider) stations on its service. It’s a legal snarl we have no role in, as Sony Records is suing Radionomy, and Tunein wants to protect itself (that’s our layman’s interpretation of the situation, in any case).

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but there are other apps you can use to access our stream, including Radionomy’s own app, Orange Radio, Simple Radio, Nobex, Reciva, and Streema, all of which are free downloads.

And you can still access Radionomy stations via TuneIn, by manually entering our custom URL into the Custom URL section, but honestly, we think you’ll find it easier to use one of the other apps.

To access our stream within TuneIn, use the following address:

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