Hail to the Victor!

image-Victor Fleming retrospectiveNew York’s Film Forum is presenting a two-week Victor Fleming retrospective that kicks off with a don’t-miss double bill on Friday and Saturday:

(1932) Raunchily hilarious passion in the jungle, as Saigon hooker Jean Harlow battles prim socialite Mary Astor for multi-woman rubber planter Clark Gable.

“Harlow [delivers] her zingy wisecracks with a wonderful dirty humor. Directed by Fleming in a racy, action-packed style.” — Pauline Kael

(1933) Jean Harlow’s Lola Burns — the “IF Girl” — supports sponging family, endless entourage and a major Hollywood studio, while fending off romantic con artist Franchot Tone and stop-at-nothing press agent Lee Tracy.

“One of the fastest and funniest Hollywood pictures ever made.” — Photoplay

BOMBSHELL, especially, is an absolute gem, and the chance to see it on a big screen with an appreciative audience shouldn’t be missed by anyone within striking distance of NYC.

Here’s the full lineup for the retrospective.

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