Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Cladrite Radio App Now Available!

Big news for Cladrite Radio listeners!

In recent weeks, we’ve been sharing with you the various ways you can access our stream of toe-tapping tunes (you can always find the full list of options by clicking How to Listen on this page), and now we have a new one to announce.

We now have a dedicated Cladrite Radio mobile app that you can download to your smartphone or tablet. It’s available at iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry World, and it’s absolutely free. (Search on “cladrite radio”—“cladrite” alone doesn’t seem to do the trick.)

We hope you’ll download it soon and give a listen. We’ll look forward to your feedback on how it works for you.

a 1915 photograph of a young newsboy announcing Cladrite Radio App

The Latest from the Streaming Wars

We’ve been talking to you of late about the technical troubles our streaming provider, Radionomy, has been experiencing, and here’s the latest: Our stream is currently available via all the popular browsers via this website, our page on the Radionomy.com website, the Internet Radio feature in iTunes (look for us under Jazz), and via the free Radionomy app that’s available for Android and iOS.

However, it’s still not available through many third-party apps (like Reciva and Nobex—though Android users of the latter may be able to access the stream), and that has impacted our listener hours rather drastically. This matters because Radionomy has a daily minimum number for listener hours and any stations that fall below that mark get 86’d.

We’re not that close to the danger point just yet, but we’re closer than we’d like to be. So we humbly ask you to make it a point to give us a nice, long listen or two (or twelve) over the next few days to get our average back up a bit. Choose whichever method mentioned above that works for you; it’s all the same to us (and to Radionomy).

We may look into switching to another streaming provider one of these days—Radionomy is not only buggy, but their communication with their broadcasters is almost non-existent. But the service is free, which matters to us a great deal—a money-maker Cladrite Radio is not. We’re lucky when we break even.

So unless and until we switch, please keep us streaming in the background whenever you’re able (heck, stream us on your computer or phone and mute the sound, if you’re not in the mood for our toe-tapping tunes at just that moment, though honestly, when are you not in the mood for great music from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s?). And thanks!
Listening to Cladrite Radio on the beach

Where the Heck Are My Toe-Tapping Tunes??

If you’ve been having trouble accessing Cladrite Radio of late, you’re not alone. Radionomy, our streaming provider, seems to be having some technical issues.

As we write this (6pm ET on Sunday, July 9), we’re able to access our station via the player embedded just above this post with Firefox and Internet Explorer, but not with Chrome or Opera. Yesterday, all four of those browsers worked.

Your best bet until all this is solved is probably to point any web browser to our page on the Radionomy site or to listen via the Internet Radio function in iTunes (we’re listed there under Jazz).

Also, the free Radionomy app available for iOS and Android seems to be working pretty consistently. We had to delete the app and add it again to our phone, but after we’d done that, our stream came through loud and clear.

What definitely isn’t working, as far as we can tell, are third-party apps and services like Nobex and Reciva (if you use any of these and would like to keep us updated as to whether they’re working or not, drop us a line).

We’re sorry for the confusion and inconvenience; we’ll continue to clue you in as we learn more.

A woman listens to Cladrite Radio

News for Cladrite Radio Listeners

Here’s some news for those listeners who listen to us via TuneIn: Cladrite Radio is still going strong, but Tunein, a very popular smartphone app, has just announced that it won’t be streaming Radionomy (our streaming provider) stations on its service. It’s a legal snarl we have no role in, as Sony Records is suing Radionomy, and Tunein wants to protect itself (that’s our layman’s interpretation of the situation, in any case).

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but there are other apps you can use to access our stream, including Radionomy’s own app, Orange Radio, Simple Radio, Nobex, Reciva, radio.net and Streema, all of which are free downloads.

And you can still access Radionomy stations via TuneIn, by manually entering our custom URL into the Custom URL section, but honestly, we think you’ll find it easier to use one of the other apps.

To access our stream within TuneIn, use the following address: http://listen.radionomy.com/cladriteradio

A family listens to Cladrite Radio