Back from the brink

We’d not intended to drop the ball on you this week, but we were fighting a losing battle with a nasty stomach bug earlier in the week and since then, we’ve been recuperating and catching up on tasks that faced us at work and at home.

Next week, we’ll be back up to speed, with the next chapter from Sidney Skolsky’s Times Square Tintypes going live on Monday and other surprises await you later in the week.

For now, just so you don’t feel forgotten, we encourage you to enjoy this brief snippet of a 1928 two-strip Technicolor short that features Hollywood starlets of the day, among them Laura La Plante and Raquel Torres, modeling the latest fashions of the day, accompanied by the tender warblings of Cladrite Sweetheart Annette Hanshaw.

A frame from the fashion clip depicting Raquel Torres

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