10 Things You Should Know About Joseph Calleia

Here are 10 things you should know about Joseph Calleia, born 124 years ago today. The character actor was surely the biggest Hollywood star Malta ever produced.

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One thought on “10 Things You Should Know About Joseph Calleia

  1. After watching “After the Thin Man” for the umpteenth time, l “really” noticed Joseph Calleiea when he keeps replying to William Powell. I thought “why l haven’t noticed this guy before” after focusing on his performance. After the movie was over, l came up with the answer. His performance is completely seamless. Watch him in the moments when he’s not speaking, though his dialogue is also terrific. After researching his legacy, my premise is emphatically supported by no less than one of the giants of cinema… Orson Welles. They performed together in “Touch of Evil”. So, l look forward to seeing more of his films and watching a true craftsman at work. A tip of the cap to an actor who takes “act” out of an acting role.

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