Remembering Ms. Horne

We want to pause to remember the great Lena Horne, who passed away at 92 yesterday.

She was an immense talent and a pioneer in Hollywood, helping to smooth the way for so many talented African-American actors and musicians who followed her. If she were just beginning her career today, she’d no doubt be an ever bigger star than she was.

And man, what a looker!

I met her briefly many years ago. She was appearing at a video trade show I was crashing, promoting, if I recall it correctly, the video of her very successful one-woman show The Lady and Her Music. I stood in line to get her to sign a poster from the show for my parents, who framed it and proudly displayed it for many years (Dad may still have it hanging to this day). Ms. Horne was very gracious in dealing with a nervous young admirer, and I’ll always remember that encounter with fondness.

“How Long Has This Been Going On?” — Lena Horne