Pitch perfect: movie studios

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, today we feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market movie studios and other entertainment companies.

Ars gratis artis (MGM)
Art for art’s sake (MGM)

Create happy hours (Selznick Picture Corp.).

Everything for your entertaining needs (The Bar Mart).

Gems of the screen (Columbia Pictures Corp.)
Greatest show on earth (Barnum & Bailey).

If it’s a Paramount picture, it’s the best show in town.

Keep your eyes and ears on Movie-Mite (Kansas City, Mo.).
King can have no more, A (Paramount).

More stars than there are in heaven (MGM).
Moral pictures most mothers approve (Hygienic Productions), Wilmington, Ohio.
Morally straight, physically strong, mentally awake (Hygienic Productions).
Motion pictures are the nation’s relaxation (Royal Pictures).
Movies make many merry moments (Royal).
Movies mean many merry moments (Royal).

Out of the reels come real stories (Royal).

Real or reel, Royal is best (Royal Pictures).
Royal is loyal to American democracy.
Royal releases release your worries.

Pitch perfect: retail establishments

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market retail establishments.

America’s gift and gadget headquarters, (The Bar Mart, Inc.), New York.
America’s most beautiful store (Russek’s), New York.
An outstanding store in an outstanding town (C. F. Jackson), Findlay, Ohio.

Benjamin’s quality is the difference that tells (Benjamin’s), Salisbury, Md.
Best always comes from Small’s The (Small’s), New York.
Best little town store (Oyster), Lumberport, W. Va.
Bridal House, The (Lenora Ormsby, Inc.), New York.
Business men’s department store, The (McManus Troup Co.), Toledo, Ohio.

Cancer harms elderly and tired employees remorselessly (Nelots Sanatorium).
Cleveland’s better food markets (Kroger’s).

Dollars expand buying from Rand (Rand Drug Store).

Everything for everywoman (G. W. Gates), Anderson, Ind.

Fabricate ideas into metal products. (Grammes & Sons, Inc.), Allentown, Pa.
Follow the trend of youth to the Collegiate Shop (Indianapolis).
For good eating at sensible cost (A & P Stores).
For important clothes, it’s Kerman stores (Chicago).
For stores of quality standard (J. Schoeneman, Inc.), Baltimore, Md.
Friendly Store, The (Oliver A. Olson Co., Inc.), New York.
From Maine to Texas . . . and growing (A. Schulte), New York.

Good values consistently (N. Y. Merchandise Co, Inc.), New York.

Heart of Milwaukee, The (Boston Store), Wisconsin.
House of Quality, The (Victoria Paper & Twine Co.).

I bring my store to your door (McConnon & Co.), Winona, Minn.
If it has merit, Merritt has it (Merritt Grocery Store)(, Coronado, Calif.
It pays to buy where you buy in safety (A. Jaeckel & Co.), New York.
It pays to store where you store in safety (A. Jaeckel & Co.).
It pays you to buy from Schwabacher-Frey (stationery store), San Francisco.
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