Pitch perfect: fruit

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market fruits, nuts, and, though we’re not sure we see the connection, flowers.

All good things come in pears (Oregon-Washington-Calif. Pear Bureau).
All they’re cracked up to be (Calif. Walnut Growers Assn.).
Always best (Farm Fresh Fruiterers).
An apple a day (Wash. State Apple Comm.).
An apple a day is Doc Apple’s way (Pac. Northwest Fruits, Inc.).
Aristocrat of salad fruits, The (Calavo Growers of Calif.).
Awful fresh (MacFarlane Nut Co.).

Best for juice and every use (Sunkist oranges).
Blue Goose stands today, as always, for quality (Am. Fruit Growers).
Brand that so successfully meets the can-opener test, The (Haserot Co.).
Buy them by the dozen for their many uses (Sunkist lemons).

Citrus that sells (Florida Frozen Fruit).
Crackin’ good walnuts (Calif. Walnut Growers Assn).

Eat more apples, take less medicine (Virginia Hort. Society).
Every day in some way (United Prune Growers of Calif.).

Famously good (apples), Skookum Packers Assn.
Final touch to a tasty dish, The (cherries), Liberty Cherry & Fruit Co.
First thing on arising (Sunkist lemons).
Flavor first (Del Monte fruits).
For you the juice is best, your cows thrive on the rest (citrus pulp).
From balls of sunshine to your good health (fruit and vegetable juices).
From famous orchards of the great west (Pinnacle Orchards).
Fruit of connoisseurs, The (Pinnacle Orchards), Medford, Ore.
Full crate of satisfaction, A (fresh fruits and vegetables), Miller-Cummings.
Full of sunshine and good health (Calif. Prune & Apricot Growers).

Good to the core (Pac. Northwest Fruits), Yakima, Wash.

Had your iron today (Sun-Maid Raisin Growers Assn.).
How young will you be at 50? (Sun-Maid Raisin).
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