Oh, Rochester

We’ve never seriously considered moving to Rochester, New York, but if ever we did, the fact that the George Eastman House is located there would be one of the primary reasons.

The George Eastman House motion picture vaults, as explained on the organization’s website, “conserve nearly 28,000 film titles dating from 1894 to the present. That translates to more than 93 million feet of film that embody an eclectic mix of genres.”

The George Eastman House offers public screenings movies fairly frequently, but, with 28,000 titles in their collection, at a rate of even three screenings a week, it’d take a devoted moviegoer 179 years to view the entire collection.

But fortunately for those of us don’t reside in the area, the Eastman House shares some of its rarer titles online. And while we’re fans of services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, we love even more online outlets that offer rare films that can’t be viewed anywhere else. Not all of the Eastman House’s streaming titles are features—some are shorts or trailers—but as the website says, “you will find a bit of everything, from the classic to the obscure.”

So, a tip of the hat to the Eastman House for sharing their remarkable collection with the world.