Ad-Free Listening, at a Savings of 25%!

A banner advertising a bargain price on VIP memberships

Do you ever wish you could listen to the toe-tapping tunes of Cladrite Radio without the commercials? We don’t mean the vintage ads that we share with you every hour or so, but the other ones—the commercials our streaming provider, Live365, adds to the mix.

By becoming a VIP member at Live365, you get to avoid hearing those ads, leaving more time to enjoy the great music of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s. And right now, Live365 is offering a special deal that we think is worth telling you about.

Sign up now for a year of VIP membership, and you’ll receive an extra four months for free, a 25% savings! Usually, a year’s membership comes to right around $5 a month, but with this special offer, you’ll pay just $3.75 per. And best of all (from our point of view, anyway), you’ll be showing your support for Cladrite Radio. That’s right, we’ll receive a percentage of your VIP membership fee, which helps us to keep the music streaming.

To participate, all you have to do is sign up for the 12-month VIP membership by July 4th! That’s just around the corner, so don’t delay!

Back from the brink

Sorry we’ve been scarce of late — a debilitating case of the flu laid us low for longer than we might have wished.

But we’ll be adding scads of new tunes to the playlist in the next day or so. While many of the new offerings will be holiday favorites, many others are less familiar seasonal songs that we think you’ll enjoy.

Also, if you’ve been tempted by the Cladrite Radio gear we offer — T-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, and much, much more — you can enjoy great savings through midnight on Sunday, Nov. 29, by using the coupon code SAVE25 at checkout.

To start shopping, just follow the link on the upper left. But don’t dally — remember, the sale ends on Sunday at midnight.