Sunny savings for the whole family

We’re pleased to debut a fun new design we’ve just made available in the Cladrite Gear section of our site. Ordering Cladrite Radio gear is a great way to support our site and the music you love, and you can order this new graphic on your favorite t-shirt, hoodie, mousepad, or any of several dozen other products.

But we recommend you consider ordering our 15 oz. coffee mug emblazoned with this new design.

It’s been a bit spring-like of late here in NYC, but we’re not fooled. We know that there are still weeks of winter awaiting us.

And given that much of the rest of the country is in the same boat, we figured it was high time we offered a discount on our 15 oz. coffee mug—just the thing to hold the comforting hot liquid of your choice, be it coffee, tea, cocoa, or even a hot toddy.

So we’re celebrating our design by offering a $3 discount on our 15 oz. mug (you can enjoy similar savings on any of the dozens of 15 oz. mugs offered at our sponsor’s site,

Whether you’re ordering from our site or from Cladrite, use the coupon code 2011BRRMug at check-out to secure the $3 savings on each mug you order.

But hurry—the savings end at 11:59 pm MT on Sunday, February 20, so time’s a-wasting!