Ad-Free Listening, at a Savings of 25%!

A banner advertising a bargain price on VIP memberships

Do you ever wish you could listen to the toe-tapping tunes of Cladrite Radio without the commercials? We don’t mean the vintage ads that we share with you every hour or so, but the other ones—the commercials our streaming provider, Live365, adds to the mix.

By becoming a VIP member at Live365, you get to avoid hearing those ads, leaving more time to enjoy the great music of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s. And right now, Live365 is offering a special deal that we think is worth telling you about.

Sign up now for a year of VIP membership, and you’ll receive an extra four months for free, a 25% savings! Usually, a year’s membership comes to right around $5 a month, but with this special offer, you’ll pay just $3.75 per. And best of all (from our point of view, anyway), you’ll be showing your support for Cladrite Radio. That’s right, we’ll receive a percentage of your VIP membership fee, which helps us to keep the music streaming.

To participate, all you have to do is sign up for the 12-month VIP membership by July 4th! That’s just around the corner, so don’t delay!

Happy birthday, Vera Lynn!

Vera LynnSad as it is to consider, there are very few performers from the Cladrite Era who are still with us. That’s just one more reason—and there are many others—why we should celebrate the life and career of Dame Vera Lynn, who was born 98 years ago today in East Ham, East London.

Ms. Lynn played a vital role in keeping morale high during World War II, and if the song we’re sharing below didn’t inspire all those fighting men and women (and the loved ones awaiting their return) to keep a stiff upper lip and hold on for happier times, we don’t know what could have. If you can listen to this song with tearing up, you’re a better man than we are, Gunga Din!

Here’s wishing you many happy returns of the day, Ms. Lynn!

Keep the Music Alive and Streaming!

We’re about ten or twelve days into our fundraising drive to keep Cladrite Radio alive and streaming; the renewal of our annual contract with Live365, our streaming provider, comes due in mid-April. If we’ve not reached our goal of $500 by the 15th of next month, the best-case scenario is that the number of recordings that we’re able to offer, the range of performance styles and genres of music, the variety of orchestras and vocalists will become much narrower than what you’ve grown accustomed to.

Worst-case scenario? The music will stop altogether.

We recognize that sounds a bit dramatic, but we’re giving it to you straight. Ou budget is very tight this year, and unless you, our listeners, come through for us, a belt-tightening (or worse) will be unavoidable, and there will be less of the music we all love to be enjoyed.

The good news is, a few loyal listeners have come through with contributions—we’re just under 20% of the way to our target of $500—and there’s still time for you, too, to play a role in keeping alive the stream of toe-tapping tunes. Every dollar helps, of course, but we’ve got some enticing premiums to for those who chip in at various levels.

$10 — A ten-spot will bring you a Cladrite Radio magnet for your refrigerator, your office cube, any metallic surface that could do with some decorating.

$25 — Send us twenty-five dollars and we’ll let you assist us in creating an hour of programming on Cladrite Radio: We’ll devote sixty minutes to playing your favorite songs from the Cladrite Era, your favorite artists, and when possible, your favorite songs performed by your favorite artists. And we’ll do our best to schedule that hour of programming in a time slot that suits you, so that you can invite friends, colleagues and family to listen in.

$50 — Slip us fifty bucks, and we’ll send you a Cladrite Radio t-shirt in your size of choice, plus you’ll get to help us create an hour of programming (and what the heck, we’ll throw in a magnet, too).

Don’t wait. Show your support for Cladrite Radio today.