Thanks, Mom

On this Mother’s Day, we thought we’d offer a handful of songs from the archives that pay tribute to Cladrite moms everywhere.

The first track, “Goodnight, Mother,” is a World War II-era recording that features vocalist Dick Todd singing with Leonard Joy’s Orchestra.

The second track, “My Mom,” was recorded in 1932 and features the great Roy Smeck on guitar, accompanied by the Vito Trio.

The final track, “My Mammy,” dates from 1946 and features Al Jolson accompanied by Morris Stoloff and His Orchestra.

Happy Mother’s Day to all from Cladrite Radio!

Dick Todd—“Goodnight, Mother” (1940)

Roy Smeck—“My Mom” (1932)

Al Jolson—“My Mammy” (1946)

You can't spell "Mother" without OTR

It’s been a bit quiet around here of late—we even missed posting a Pitch Perfect on Monday for the first time since that recurring feature debuted—as we’ve been under the weather (we’re also job-hunting, which, by necessity, claims much of our time), but we did want to share the following:

Mother’s Day, as ads and emails remind all of us relentlessly, is just around the corner, and the good folks at, purveyors of collections of old-time radio programming, are offering a number of programs free for the streaming.

All the shows have a “Mother” theme, natch, but a number of genres are covered: dramas, cop shows, private eye programs, westerns, and, as you can see below, comedies.

We’re sharing a Burns and Allen program entitled “Gracie’s Mother Visits” that originally aired on May 20, 1948, in which George has an encounter with his mother-in-law that finds him having to repair all the plumbing and electrical wiring in his home.

Burn and Allen: “Gracie’s Mother Visits” (25:09)

We think you’ll find the offerings at OTRcat well worth your consideration, and at these prices—free—they certainly can’t be beat.

P.S. If you’re still in the market for a Mother’s Day present, you could do a lot worse than buying your dear mom a VIP Live365 membership. She’ll be able to listen to Cladrite Radio and hundreds of other Live365 stations commercial-free, and you’ll be showing your support for the music here at Cladrite Radio (we get a cut of membership fees). Just follow the VIP membership link to the left for more info.