Taking a Chance on Laughs: A Lost Marx Brothers Film Is Found

A 23-second fragment of the lost silent Marx Brothers film HUMOR RISK, self-financed by the team in 1921. The film was discovered earlier this month and is now in the hands of a private archive.

Previously thought destroyed in its entirety, this small portion of the film was found in the garage of the former Great Neck, NY, estate of Groucho Marx.

In Their Words: Chico Marx

An amusing quote from Chico Marx

It’s Chico Marx‘s 127th birthday, and you’re probably wondering how best to mark the occasion.

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Marx Brothers Madness in the Merry Month of May

Hey friends — we’re on the planning committee for a very exciting series of events coming up in May of this year: Marxfest, a month-long celebration of all things Marx Brothers in the brothers’ hometown, NYC.

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