Pitch perfect: hats and caps

Of late, we’ve been posting lists of sixty-year-old advertising slogans, taken from a 1949 book called American Slogans.

Today, we’re sharing a list of slogans culled from the same source that were utilized by companies that manufactured and marketed hats and caps:

All over town (Young Hat Co.).
All the new ones all the time (Rothchild Bros. Hat Co.).
Are you true to your type (Stetson).

Coolest hat under the sun (Cardine Hat Co.). St. Louis

Don’t take less than the best, don’t take less than a Lee.

Every man should wear at least three straw hats (Nat. Assn. of Straw Hats Mfrs.).

Hat corner of the world, The (Knox the Hatter).
Hat for every face, A (Sam Bonnart, Inc.).
Hat of silent smartness, The (Lamson & Hubbard Co.).
Hats made so fine that all others must be compared to them (Knox hats).
Hatter to gentlemen for over half a century (Wolthausen).
Hat that goes with good clothes, The (Mallory Hat Co., Inc.).

I look my best in a Hardeman (Hardeman Hat Co.). Seattle.

Mark of the world’s most famous hat, The (John B. Stetson Co.).
Most comfortable hat made, The (Resistol self-conforming hats). Byer-Rolnick.

National headquarters for uniform caps (Superior Uniform Cap Co.). Chicago.

On the well-dressed head (Stetson).
Overhead economy (Stetson).

Right for cool comfort (Stetson Straws).
Right for Sunday morning (Stetson).
Right hat for real men, The (Langenberg Hat Co.).

Seen in the best of company (Vanity Hats). Noname Hat Mfg. Co.
Self-conforming hats (Resistol).
Shade better than the rest, A (straw hats). Superior Hat Co., St. Louis.
Step out with a Stetson (John B. Stetson Co.). Philadelphia.
Stiff brim straw with the soft brim fit, The (M.S. Levy & Sons). Baltimore.
Styled for young men (Stetson).

There’s a Merton cap or hat for every sport (C.S. Merton & Co.).
Tomorrow’s body today (Tuxedo Hat Body Corp.).

Ventilated straw hats (Caradine Hat Co.). St. Louis.

World’s largest retailer of hats (Kaufman Hats, Inc.). New York.

You look your best in a Stetson.