The Future of Cladrite Radio

We’ve received an update from Live365, and it’s official: Cladrite Radio’s stream (and everyone else’s who uses that service) comes to an end on or about January 31.

That’s the bad news; the good news is, we will have another stream in place by then. We’ll have specifics for you before the 31st, but we wanted to assure you now that Cladrite Radio will continue.

One caveat, though: The new service we’ll be using has usage minimums, so we’ll have to reach a certain level of listener hours to remain active with this service. The number is doable—it’s fewer hours than we typically reached with our Live365 stream—but Live365 likely had more of a listener base than the new service does. So we’ll need our loyal listeners to tune in often and for as long as possible. And we’ll also need you to help us attract new listeners, to tell your like-minded friends about us.

A family happily tunes into Cladrite Radio

But that’s all for another day: For now, we want to ask a couple of questions as we prepare for our debut in our new radio home:

1. The new service includes a few minutes of ads each hour (2 or 4, we’re not sure which), and unlike Live365, it has no paid VIP membership that allows listeners to avoid hearing these ads. Given that, do you enjoy the vintage ads that we include with our programming enough that you’d like to see us continue them? We figure we’d run them at a rate of one an hour, much as we’ve done in the past, but if you’d just as soon see them go, let us know here.

2. Do you enjoy the seasonal music we add to the mix? Not just the Christmas songs, but the songs about spring, summer, fall and winter that we add to the mix for three months each? The two days of Halloween songs? The two days of New Year’s Eve songs (mostly Auld Lang Syne, let’s face it) and one day of Irish songs that we sprinkle into our playlists? Do you even notice them? We enjoy including them in the mix, but if you’re lukewarm to neutral about them (or perhaps don’t like them at all), we don’t have to continue the practice.

What do you say?

More music, no commercials, huge savings

As you may know, Cladrite Radio uses as our audio stream provider. And for the next couple of days, you can snag huge Cyber Monday savings on a Live 365 VIP membership. That brings you a wider selection of Live365 stations (though why you’d want to listen to any station but ours, we can’t imagine) and, best of all, no commercials (except for the classic commercials we include as part of our programming).

Here’s the info on this great deal:

  Hello Live365 Listeners,

Cyber Monday has arrived and we are offering our best VIP membership discount ever! Take 75% off our 3-month VIP membership, and enjoy thousands of commercial free stations wherever you go. Don’t let this exclusive deal pass you by, click here to get your VIP discount today.

*Offer ends 11/28/12 at 11:59pm PST


And best of all? Cladrite Radio gets a little piece of the action, a small percentage of the heavily reduced price you’ll pay for your improved listening experience. It’s a win-win, people!

Sweet savings for your sweetheart

Hey Cladrite listeners—as you may know, the toe-tapping tunes you hear on Cladrite Radio come to you via the streaming services of

And the good folks at Live365 have a great deal in place through Tuesday, February 15. if you sign up for a VIP membership (or buy a membership as a Valentine’s gift for that someone special), you can save a sweet 25% on your membership by using the coupon code VIPVDAY.

There are many benefits to a VIP membership:

  • Fewer ads on thousands of stations
  • Free mobile apps that allow you to listen to Cladrite Radio everywhere you go
  • Free access to Live365-enabled devices, including Tivo (we listen to CR via our Tivo at home all the time), and much more

And best of all (well, we think it’s the best), a portion of your discounted VIP fee goes to Cladrite Radio, which allows us to keep streaming the great music you’ve come to count on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

If you enjoy the music we play for you and have wondered how you can show your appreciation and support, here’s your chance: You get a VIP membership at a discounted price, and at the same time, you show a little love to your pals at Cladrite Radio. That’s a win-win even Cupid could appreciate.