A fashionable tip o' the hat to Chaplin, Keaton

We don’t know much about current fashion (we lean toward vintage wear), and the name Galliano brings up for us memories of a tall bottle of yellow, licorice-flavored liqueur that was generally found stashed in the far corners of the many bars we tended back in our salad days.

But it’s reported that a prominent designer named John Galliano evoked a pair of silent-movie greats in his recent biannual menswear show.

As Tim Bank wrote for style.com:

The biannual John Galliano menswear spectacular began this season with a tip of Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat to his silent masterpiece, Modern Times. Dressed as Chaplin, model Scott Barnhill tumbled out of a huge clock backdrop, and Galliano’s movie madness began to unspool. Why Charlie? The rationale was that the designer wanted to make a statement about new proportions in menswear, and the Little Tramp’s shrunken jacket and baggy pants seemed like a good place to start. Hence, Galliano’s dropped-crotch pants and jackets fitted to the body (exaggeratedly so for the show). A trench in a Lurex military twill might not have been specifically Chaplin-esque, but it captured his flagrant dandyism.

Chaplin was followed on the catwalk by Buster Keaton, porkpie hat, lugubrious expression, three-piece suit and all (kudos to the performances—Galliano is as demanding a director as he is a designer). …

Not sure what Chaplin or Keaton would have to say about this particular tribute, but it’s nice to see these great talents remembered.