Pitch perfect: flour

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market flour.

Bake a better cake with Swan’s Down.
Bewley’s best bakes better.
Bride’s best bet, Bisquick.

Costs more, worth more (Occident Flour).

Eventually, why not now (Washburn Crosby Co.).

Famous for its flavor (Flavor Flour), Anglo-American Mill Co.
Flour of a thousand uses, The (Jenny Wren Co.).
Flour of the nation, The (American Ace).
Flower of fine flour, The (Bisquick).
Four stars in the milky way (Clover Leaf Milling Co.).
Freshness is the first food law of nature (Syn-Kro Mills).
From mill to millions.

Good flours make good bakers better (Federal Mill).
Good flours make good cooks better (Federal Mill).

Hard to mill but easy to bake (Made-Rite Flour).
Heart’s in it, The (Elam Mills, Inc.).

If you can boil water, you can cook ZOOM (Fisher Flouring Mills).
In every home (Sperry Flour Co.).
I’se in town, honey (Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour).
It’s blended to better your best in baking (Fisher Flouring Mills).
Its purity shows in everything you bake (Dainty Flour).
It’s the buttermilk that does it (Teco Pancake Flour).

Jenny Wren Ready-Mixed Flour, it simplifies baking.
Just a minute, please (Abilene Flour Co.).

Makes baking taste better (Valier & Spies Milling Co.).
Makes fine, better cakes (Swan’s Down).
Makes more loaves of better bread (Robin Hood Flour).
Makes pancakes mother’s way (Armour Grain Co.).

Only the Hunter Mills between the wheat field and your bakery.

Perfect sour milk biscuit flour, The (Thomas Page Mill Co.).
Pillsbury’s dotted circle, symbol of reliability.
Pure, always pure (Dainty Flour).
Pure and white as Rainier’s snows (Novelty Mills Co.).

Rich in strength (Enterprise Flour), Valier & Spies Milling Co.

Sack of satisfaction, A (Bewley’s Flour).
Saving flour, it goes farther, The (Hecker H-O Co., Inc.).
Stands the Oven Test (Fant Milling Co.).
Stop baking risk, use Bisquick.
Strength is the foundation of all good baking (Valier & Spies).

That ole southern flavor (Abilene Flour Mills).
There’s no doubt about it (Southland Mill & Elevator Co.).
Time sets the stage for the right age (Atkinson Milling Co.).

Use the wheat and spare the meat (Fisher Flouring Mills Co.), Seattle.

We sell only the flower of fine flour.

You bake your best with Pillsbury’s best.
You’ll bake it better with Five Roses.