Pitch perfect: hardware

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market hardware products and tools.

Buy it at the hardware store (Frank Burke Hardware Co.), Waukegan.

Choice of three generations (Hardward), Brown & Sharpe.

Drop-forging people, The (J. H. Williams & Co.), Buffalo.

Easiest line to sell, The (J. Wiss & Sons), Cutlery.
Easily distinguished by the yellow back (faucet washer), Ross Mfg. Co.
Easily identified by the yellow back (faucet washer), Ross.
Every catch stays caught (W. A. Gibbs & Son), Chester, Pa.

File for every purpose, A (Nicholson File co.), Providence.
Fine tool at a fair price, A (Capewell Mfg. Co.), Hartford.
Fingers of steel (Smith & Hemenway Co.), Red Devil Pliers.
First with the facts on hydraulically-formed bellows (Clifford Mfg. Co.).
For every purpose (Nicholson files).
For industry, shop, farm and home (Black & Decker), portable electric tools.

Good buildings deserve good hardware (Corbin), New Britain, Conn.
Good workmen know the difference (Manning Abrasive Co.).

Hammer with a backbone, The (American Hammer Corp.), New York.
Hand-ee, the tool of 1001 uses (Chicago Wheel & Mfg. Co.).
Hardware is the jewelry of the home (McKinney Mfg. Co.), Pittsburgh.
Hardware that harmonizes (P & F Corbin).
Holds like a fish hook (hammers), United Sales Corp., San Francisco.
House of a million nuts, The (MarFarlane Nuts Co.).

It pays to use good tools (Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co.).
It’s all in the wheel (glass cutter), Landon P. Smith, Inc., Irvington, N. J.

Jack of all trades and master of plenty (Hand-ee Tool), Chicago Wheel Mfg. Co.
Jack that saves your back, The (Rees jack), Iron City Products Co.

Keep mechanics good tempered (Velchek Tool Co.), Cleveland.

Leads the way (Red Devil tools).
Lock fast to make things last (stop nuts), Elastic, Union, N. J.
Locks recommended by the world’s leading lock experts (Yale & Towne).

Mac-It endurance, your best insurance (screws), Strong, Carlisle & Hammond Co.
Made to blue print (Fostoria Screw Co.), Postoria, Ohio.
Make an heirloom (woodworkers tools), Woodcraft Supply Co., Boston.
Making strong the things that make America strong (Russell, Bursdall Bolts).
Mallet with the oval handle, The (Warren Handle Works Co.), Cortland, Ohio.

Name back of saw value, The (E. C. Atkins & Co.).
Name really means something, The (Niles Tools Works Co.), Hamilton, Ohio.
Never jar loose (Drake Lock Nut Co.).

O-B on a Bull Dog clamp proves the safest quality stamp (Ohio Brass Co.).
On the bench since 1850 (Prentiss Vice Co.), New York.
Our advice is as good as our service (Thompson-Starrett Co.).

Put it up to us to put it up for you (Thompson-Starrett Co.).

Quality comes first; Plumb is first in quality (tools).
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