Remembering Barbara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers on Their Birthday

For old movie buffs, July 16 is a very special day indeed. A pair of memorable stars were born on this day, and so special were they, we couldn’t choose one over the other in deciding which to pay tribute to. So today you get a double dip.

Happy birthday to the great Barbara Stanwyck, born 114 years ago today, and to the marvelous Ginger Rogers, just four years her junior. They don’t make ’em like these two wonderful gals anymore!

Barbara Stanwyck quote

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Remembering Fred Astaire on His Birthday

The great Fred Astaire was born on May 10, 1899, in Omaha, Nebraska. He’s been gone nearly 34 years, and if you wanted to make a list of the things that are wrong with the world today, the fact that Mr. Astaire no longer walks—nay, glides—among us would be on that list. We’ll be featuring Astaire’s music all day today on Cladrite Radio, so why not tune in now?

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