Pitch perfect: personal effects

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market products that fall under the rather broad label of Personal Effects, including shaving supplies and toiletries, luggage, gloves, and a variety of other items.

All one piece; twist, it opens; twist, it closes (Gem razor).
Always on the beam (Spotlite handbags).
Always something new (Percy Kent bags).
America looks to Lincoln for leadership in luggage (valises).
America’s best traveling companion (trunks), Mendel-Drucker.
Auto-Strop razor—sharpens itself (safety razor).
Avoid 5 o’clock shadow (Gem razors).

Bacmo gloves are better, better buy Bacmo (Bacmo-Postman Corp.).
Ball-bearing shave, The (E. R Squibb & Sons).
Barbers use straight rigid blades; so does Gem Razor.
Beautiful hair is as easy as HQZ (hair preparations), HQZ Laboratories.
Beauty begins with the hair (permanent wave), Gabrieleen Co.
Be fair to your hair (Vitalbrush).
Below skin level shave (Packard electric shaver).
Best for every purpose (Grinnel gloves), Morrison Ricker Mfg. Co.
Best today, still better tomorrow (Firestone luggage goods).
Better hearing longer (Mini-Max hearing-aid devices).
Better vision for better looks (Better Vision Institute).
Blades men swear by, not at, The (Durham-Duplex).
Brace for good taste, A (suspenders), Sears Roebuck.
Bristles can’t come out, The (Rubberset shaving brush).
Brushless wonder, The (Benex brushless shave).
Brush the cobwebs from your beauty (Kent brushes).
Brush your hair to loveliness (Dupont plastic brush).
Built to fit the trip (Miller luggage).
Built to last through every trip (Rennus luggage).

Can’t skid off the shoulders (A. Stein & Co.).
Chest for every need, A (Caswell-Runyan).
Chest for every need, a chest for every purse, A (Caswell-Runyan).
Civilized way of shaving, The (Shick Dry Razor).
Clean hair means a healthy scalp (Ace combs), American Hard Rubber Co.
Cools and soothes as you shave (F. F. Ingram Co.).
Created to carry your belongings in perfection throughout your lifetime (Halliburton travel cases)
Creators of distinctive luggage (Unique luggage).

Deodorant in every Kotex napkin at no extra cost, A.
Diamond Edge is a quality pledge, The (Shapleigh Hardware Co.).
Different because they’re better (Pal razor blades).

Easy does it (Enders shaver).
Every shave a good shave (Soap Products, Ltd.).

Find this button and you’ve found the belt (Modern Belt Co.).
Fit all hands and all purses (gloves), F. T. Simmons.
$5 razor with 1000 new edges (Super razor), London.
For a better shave (Stanley shave cream).
For a cooling shave (Ingram’s).
For a royal shave (King Razor Co.).
For better eyesight (American Optical Co.).
For everything “under the sun” (Wilsonite sun glasses).
For good Marx-manship (metal identification tags), Kloz Marx Co.
For modern shaving (Barbasol shave cream).
For shaving without brush or lather (Pryde-Wynn Co.).
For smooth shaves (Twinplex Sales Co.).
For the one man in 7 who saves every day (Glider Brushless Shave).
For the shave that never fails (Rock Flint Co.), Inwood, N. Y.
For those who go first class (Horn luggage).
Four-edged razor blade, The (O. C. Craig Co., Ltd.), Winnipeg.
From the TIP of her toes to the TOP of her head (Tip Top Products Co.).
From the tropics to Main Street (Simon Bros. Co.).
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