Tumbling into the past

We are not, as regular visitors to Cladrite Radio know, primarily a collector’s site, but every now and then, we’ll come across a vintage collectible that’s so delightful we just have to share it.

For your consideration: A set of six commemorative glass tumblers from the 1939 World’s Fair in NYC (you know, the one with the Perishphere and Trylon).

These glasses made our hearts go pit-a-pat, and we’ll admit that we were sorely tempted to participate in the auction for them (and based on the final sale price, it’s entirely possibly we might have prevailed, though there’s no way of knowing that, of course).

In the end, our decision not to bid on them was in small part due to budgetary concerns (sadly, such concerns rarely stop us when we really fall for a vintage treasure) and in much larger part due to the knowledge that our hearts would break in a million pieces if (let’s face it, it’d be when, not if) we dropped and broke one of them.

We just couldn’t face that eventual, inevitable pain, so we passed on bidding. But we’re pleased as punch to share them with you here. Aren’t they beauties? (As with most graphics here at Cladrite Radio, you can click on the images to see a larger version of each.)

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