Dads and Grads Love Tees!

The season of dads and grads is upon us, and let’s face it, one would be hard-pressed to name two harder groups to buy gifts for.

That’s where Cladrite has you covered. Because everyone loves a new t-shirt, especially when it comes emblazoned with a swell vintage graphic. Our motto is, “Yesterday’s T-shirts, Today!” and we’ve got retro designs by the dozen! And not just tees—we offer hoodies, long-sleeved tees, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, barbecue aprons, and much, much more!

Think of it: You could take care of every dad and every grad you know in one fell swoop! Take a peek at our wares; we think you’ll be pleased!

Images from Cladrite's design collection

Shopping for Sandy Relief!

Here’s your chance to snag some great holiday gifts while contributing to the ongoing Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

Over at our sister site, Cladrite Designs, all proceeds from sales of “New York the Wonder City” shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and other products—as well 25% of proceeds from sales of every other Cladrite product—will go to relief efforts.

(By the way, the 25% donation applies to all purchases of Cladrite Radio gear.)

Many people in the tri-state area are still suffering, and the struggle to return to normal will be a painful and prolonged one for so many. So while you may not be hearing as much about the aftermath of Sandy in the media today, rest assured there’s a great deal of work still to be done. And what could be better than helping those in need while also checking a few names off your holiday gift list—it’s a win-win!

So head over to Cladrite and start shopping!

Pitch perfect: Prize-winning slogans

In Preston Sturges’ classic comedy (did he make any other kind?) Christmas in July (1940), Dick Powell plays an average schmoe who is tricked by pals into thinking his entry in a coffee company’s slogan contest (“If you can’t sleep at night, it’s not the coffee—it’s the bunk”) is a winner, which would, in theory, garner him $25,000 in cash.

And then the comic mayhem ensues.

As we’ll see in this collection of prize-winning slogans from William Sunners’ 1949 effort, American Slogans, $25,000 was not your typical award for a prize-winning slogan in the 1930s and ’40s—not even close.

It’s interesting to see that a couple of products, Crisco and Cheerioats (the original name of the cereal we know as Cheerios), seemed to believe strongly in the idea of slogan contests. And public safety slogans, too, were apparently often created by members of the public looking for a prize.

This particular collection of slogans is a long one, so this week, we’ll share with you the slogans from A to D. More to come next week.

Abroad CHEERIO, at home, CHEERIOATS (won $25).
Abundance on a budget (won $50), Crisco.
Absence of accidents depends upon presence of mind (safety).
Ace of the eights (Marmon).
Accidents begin when caution ends.
Accidents don’t prove who is right, but who is left.
Add your name to America’s might (Defense Bonds).
Adds fame to a famous name (Schlitz Beer).
Adds pleasure to your life and life to your pleasure.
Admiration for being careful is better than sympathy after you are hurt ($15).
Advertising is the fertilizer in the Field of Commerce.
After all, they produce results (won Ford), Omaha World Herald classified ads.
After meals, try this suggestion: take Pep-O-Mints to aid digestion ($250).
After the wreck comes the reckoning.
Ale that fits the name of Schiltz, The.
Alert today, alive tomorrow ($500), L. I. newspaper safety contest.
Alive to the bottom bubble (sparkling water).
All out now or all in later (War Bonds).
All that the name implies ($250), Golden Cup Coffee.
All’s well. It’s a Chevrolet.
ALL-READY, the nation’s winning nourisher ($25), Cheerioats.
Although sugar is rationed, Freedom is sweet.
Always alert, nobody hurt.
Always in demand, always at hand (National Lumber Manufacturers).
Always Be Careful (ABC of safety).
Always pure and fresh with just-right creaminess.
America fights hardest when its hardest to fight.
America has never been licked, except by flames.
America is the light that will keep civilization from having a blackout.
America was “conceived in liberty” and we must guard her heritage ($25), Bonds.
America’s at war. Are you? ($25), War Bond drive.
America’s most popular “candy-date,” Cryst-O-Mint ($100).
America’s outstanding moulder off fascinating personality.
America’s Wash-Words ($1000), Rain Drops.
America, where it’s BONDS, not BONDAGE.
An adventure in breakfasts (Kellog’s Corn Flakes).
An army of kernels (Sperry Wheat Hearts).
An ounce of precaution saves tons of wreckage.
Arch Preserver Shoes give you more styleage, more mileage, more SMILEAGE.
Arrest Cancer, it’s wanted for murder (won $25,000 home), Damon Runyan Cancer Fund.
As we give so shall we live ($25), War Bond drive.
Ask the fellow who has been hurt, he knows (safety).
Asset test, The
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March madness of a different sort

Well, March Madness kicks off in earnest tonight.

And what does that have to do with Cladrite Radio, you might ask?

Not a darned thing, but we’ll use any excuse to offer sale prices on Cladrite Radio gear. So from now through 11:50 p.m. MT on Monday, March 21, you can save up to 20% on any purchase you make, even single items. There’s no minimum purchase on this sale; the savings kick in with the first shirt, hoodie, mug, or mousepad you purchase and apply to each additional item, too.

And if you should happen to spend $50 or more, your savings will increase to up to 25%.

image-Adam Hats-worn by millions image-Cladrite Radio-Memorable Music from 1925-1955 image-Golden Waffles image-Cladrite Radio-tunes from the 1920s, '30s, and '40s

The savings also apply at our sister site,, where they feature all sorts of gear emblazoned with fun vintage graphics. Either way, you’ll be showing your support for our efforts here at Cladrite Radio.

Remember, you must enter the appropriate coupon code before completing checkout. And these generous discount don’t include shipping, taxes, or additional charges.

To make sure you get in on these great savings, just use the following coupon codes at check-out:

Coupon Code: MarchMad20%
Discount: Up to 20% off, with no minimum!

Coupon Code: MarchMad25%
Discount: Up to 25% off a subtotal of $50+!

And remember, the savings end at 11:59 p.m. MT on Monday, March 21.