Pitch perfect: lumber

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, today we feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market lumber and wood products.

America’s finest cabinet wood (Gum Lumber Mfrs. Assn.).

Beautiful birch for beautiful woodwork (Northern Hemlock Mfrs. Assn.).
Board of 100 uses in 1000 places (The Upson Co.), Lockport, N. Y.
Builders wise use our supplies (Washington Lumber Co.).

Carry the weight, save freight (Atlas Plywood Corp.), Boston.
Certified lumber (Assoc. Leaders of Lumber & Fuel Dealers of America).

Hardest hardwoods grow in the north, The (Northern Hard Maple Mfrs.), Oshkosh.

It bears close inspection (Long Bell Lumber Co.).
It’s smart to build with West Coast Woods.

Long Bell, the mark on quality lumber (Long Bell Lumber Co.).

Master wood of the ages, The (Mahogany Assn., Inc.).

Nature makes Douglas fir durable (Fir Door Institute), Tacoma.
Nature’s method of wood preservation (Osmose Wood Preserving Co.).
Noblest of all cabinet woods, The (American Walnut Mfrs. Assn.).

One service from forests to finished product (General Bus Co.).
Outdoor plywood, The (Harbor Plywood Corp.), Hoquiam, Wash.

Panels of permanence (Harbor Plywood Corp.).
Pick o’ the pines, The (Western Mfrs. Assn.), Portland, Ore.
Post everlasting, The (Long Bell Lumber Co.).

Resists fire and rot (California Redwood Assn.).

Sovereign wood, The (Hardwood Mfrs.. Institute).
Supreme structural wood of the world, The (Southern Pine Assn.).

Use redwood, it LASTS (California Redwood Assn.).

Wood eternal, The (Southern Cypress Mfrs. Assn.), New Orleans.
Wood of countless uses, The (Elliot Bay Mill Co.).
Wood of service, The (Southern Pine Assn.).
Wood that nature armed against decay (Red Cedar Lumber Mfrs. Assn.), Seattle.
Wood that’s stronger than wood (Plylock), Portland Mfg. Co.
Wood that weathers every storm (National Oak Lumbermen’s Assn.).
Wood that you would and should use (National Oak Lumbermen’s Assn.).
Wood that you always prefer (National Oak).