Sunny savings for the whole family

We’re pleased to debut a fun new design we’ve just made available in the Cladrite Gear section of our site. Ordering Cladrite Radio gear is a great way to support our site and the music you love, and you can order this new graphic on your favorite t-shirt, hoodie, mousepad, or any of several dozen other products.

But we recommend you consider ordering our 15 oz. coffee mug emblazoned with this new design.

It’s been a bit spring-like of late here in NYC, but we’re not fooled. We know that there are still weeks of winter awaiting us.

And given that much of the rest of the country is in the same boat, we figured it was high time we offered a discount on our 15 oz. coffee mug—just the thing to hold the comforting hot liquid of your choice, be it coffee, tea, cocoa, or even a hot toddy.

So we’re celebrating our design by offering a $3 discount on our 15 oz. mug (you can enjoy similar savings on any of the dozens of 15 oz. mugs offered at our sponsor’s site,

Whether you’re ordering from our site or from Cladrite, use the coupon code 2011BRRMug at check-out to secure the $3 savings on each mug you order.

But hurry—the savings end at 11:59 pm MT on Sunday, February 20, so time’s a-wasting!

Great music at popular prices

We have no interest in being bargain spotters — there are too many sites that already cover that ground — but occasionally, when we find a really top-notch deal that fits nicely here at Cladrite Radio, we’ll share it with you.

Les Voix d’or d’Hollywood is a five-disc CD collection of tunes taken from the golden age of Hollywood musicals. It’s from the French label Marianne Melodie, and, so far as we can ascertain, is available in the United States only in the form of downloadable MP3s. The set includes 126 tracks, covering the thirty-year period from 1927 to 1957 and performed by artists ranging from Al Jolsen to Fred Astaire, the Benny Goodman Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Elvis Presley, among dozens of others.

iTunes sells the set for $54.99, which is not so bad, really, for a five-disc compilation with so many tracks — it’s just over 41 cents a song. But Amazon is offering the entire set as MP3 downloads for just $19.98, or just under 16 cents a song. That’s pretty hard to beat (you have to buy the whole set to get that price, mind you — individual songs are much more).

Here’s the link; take a look at the full lineup and see what you think. And tell ’em your pals at Cladrite Radio sent you.

Say the secret word

Image-You Bet Your Life collectionAfter a holiday sojourn in our hometown, we’re back and (we hope) better than ever.

And to help you get a strong start on the new year, we’re going to share a sweet deal with you (from which we benefit in no way, shape, or form — we’re sharing it with you out of the goodness of our hearts):

A three-disc YOU BET YOUR LIFE (starring Groucho Marx, don’t you know) boxed set can be had at the following URL for just $11.99 (list price is $39.99).

It’s a great deal on a delightful set of DVDs (which is now discontinued, so grab it while it’s hot).