Pitch perfect: finance

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market financial services and institutions, from banks and mortgage companies to loans, travelers cheques and war bonds.

All your banking under one roof (Mellon National Bank).
Ask our customers (Dauphin Deposit Trust Co.).

Back of your bond are the necessities for the advancement of civilization.
Bank behind the book, The (Stanton Home Safe Co.).
Bank of personal service (First Trust & Deposit Co.).
Bank for all the people, The (Cleveland Trust Co.).
Bank for me in ’43, The (Mass. Co-operative Bank League).
Bank of personal contact, A (Interstate Trust Co.).
Bank where you feel at home, The (Central Trust & Savings Co.).
Behind the enduring institution, successful customers (Farmer’s Deposit Bk.).
Be thrifty and be happy (Baldwin National Bank & Trust Co.).
Better banking, better service, Better join us (Reliance State Bank).
Better buymanship (Household Finance Corp.).
Bonds that grow in security (Baker, Frentress & Co.).
Branch around the corner can serve you around the world, The (Nat’l City).
Buying for profit and income (Joint Security Corp.).
Buying for profit and investment (Joint Security Corp.).
Buy now for investment (Air Conditioning Textiles).

California Investments of greater stability (Rogan & Co.).
Call on Central (Central Nat’l Bk. & Trust Co.).
Central for St. Petersburg and its visitors (Central Nat’l Bk. & Trust Co.).
Complete brokerage service in the world’s markets (Fenner, Beane, & Co.).
Compete real estate institution, A (Albert M. Greenfield & Co.).
Constantly building for community usefulness (New First National Bank).
Courtesy, efficiency, service (Mfrs. Trust Co.).

Depression spells opportunity for the real investor (Sloat & Scanlon).
Distance is no barrier to our service (Citizens Trust Co.).
Distinguished banking connection, A (Bank of the United States).
Don’t worry where money’s coming from; that’s our business (National Fin).

Every mortgage irrevocably insured (National Union Mortgage Co.).
Every seal uniform; nothing left to chance (Norwalk Vault).

Fidelity means keeping faith (Fidelity Bond & Mortgage Co.).
Firm of satisfied clients, The (Stevenson Co.).
Florida landmark, A (Barnett Nat. Bk. of Jacksonville).
For every financial need (Wachovia Bank & Trust Co.).
Forward with Miami’s oldest bank (Bank of Bay of Biscayne).
For Wilmington, the Carolinas, and the South (Murchison Nat. Bank).
For you—every banking service (Times Square Trust Co.).
Founded by merchants for merchants (Merchants Nat. Bank).

Get it done in ’41 (W. A. Clarke) real estate.
Get the First National habit (1st Nat. Bk. at Pittsburgh).
God of two faces, The (American Banker’s Assn.).
Good for money wherever money means anything (Bankers Trust Co.).
Growing security (Baker, Fentress & Co.).
Growth fund, The (National Investors Corp.).

Help-U-Profit financing (1st Nat. Bk. of Pleasonton).
Help your country, help yourself (U. S. War Bonds).
Help yourself financially without financial help (Ill. Nat. Bank).
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