Happy 91st Birthday, Arlene Dahl!

Happy birthday to actress Arlene Dahl, who was born 91 years ago today in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here are 10 AD Did-You-Knows:

  • Dahl is of Norwegian heritage. Her father was a Ford dealer and executive.
  • Dahl was selected as Miss Rheingold Beer of 1946. Rheingold’s annual campaign was a very popular one; more than 25 million people voted for their favorite candidate every year. Among the other actresses who were named Miss Rheingold early in their careers were Tippi Hedren, Hope Lange and Grace Kelly.
  • Dahl has been married six times. Each marriage lasted seven years or fewer, except her current one, which is at 32 years and counting. Sixth time’s the charm!
  • Dahl is a very conservative Republican.
  • Dahl is the mother of actor Lorenzo Lamas, born in 1958, while Dahl was married to Fernando Lamas. She also has a daughter, Carole Christina Holmes, and a second son, Rounseville Andreas Schaum, who was born when Dahl was 45.
  • After becoming a mother, Dahl worked primarily on television, with only occasional film appearances thereafter.
  • In 1952, Dahl began writing a syndicated beauty column. In 1954, she founded Arlene Dahl Enterprises, which marketed cosmetics and lingerie. In 1967, she dissolved the company and became a VP at an ad agency. In 1970, Dahl joined Sears Roebuck as director of beauty products. In the 1980s, Dahl wrote a syndicated astrology column and operated an astrology phone service.
  • In 1995, Dahl played the role of Lady Lucille on the popular soap opera All My Children.
  • Dahl is the author of more than two dozen books on beauty and astrology.
  • Today, Dahl and her husband, packaging designer Marc Rosen, divide their time between New York City and West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Happy birthday, Arlene Dahl, and may you enjoy many happy returns of the day!

    Arlene Dahl