Pitch perfect: printed pearls, pt. 3

We’re continue our long march through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. Sunners entitled this week’s collection “Printed Pearls,” and he described them as follows: Pithy phrases picked from printed advertisements because they possess particular qualities such as alliteration, rhyme, contrast, comparison, repetition, lilt, or just plain good sales points.

This group’s an exceptionally long one, so we’ve viewed it in three installments. This week, Q-Z.

Quality beyond the call of duty (Nunn-Bush Shoes).
Quality in tires is the key to safety (U. S. Rubber).
Quality tells, economy sells (Red & White Food Stores).
Quality you can taste (Adhor Dairy).

Racy, embracy story of a gal who lived and yearned, The (movie)
Ralston’s puts the B-1 in breakfast (cereal).
Red and blue make white (Gilbert Paper).
Red by chance and READ by choice (Redbook Magazine).
Refresh! Rejoice! Remember! Pabst gets the call (Beer).
Refrigerator you hear about, but never HEAR (Electrolux).
Regal guy deserves a Regal tie, A (Regal Ties).
Regal scent to center attention on lovely you (Anita of Paris Perfume).
Repair ’em and wear ’em (O’Sullivan’s Heel and Soles).
Resilient as a reed (Wyler Incaflex shockproof watch).
Rest cure for tired faces, A (Yardley’s Cream).
Revive tired colors (Sanitone Cleaners).
Rhythmic as rain on the roof (Eleanor Powell), Dancer.
Rich perfection that only nature rivals, A (PM Whiskey).
Ride and know (Plymouth).
Ripe ‘n’ ready for smokin’ steady (Dr Grabow “pre-smoked” pipes).
Road proven by millions of motorists (Kendall Oil).

Safety for your daintiest garment (Missouri Dye Establishment).
San Francisco discovers a Golden GAIT (Chrysler).
Santa Fe all the way (railroad).
Satin-finish lipstick, petal-finish face powder, The (Tangee).
SAVE, from the bottom up (Cat’s Paw Rubber Heels).
Save to build, build to save.
Save to educate your child, educate your child to save (Savings Bank).
Save wandering and wondering. Give Walnut this Christmas (Walnut Tobacco).
Save yourself two rubs out of three (P & G Soap).
Scents-ible Christmas, A (perfume ad).
Scotch price that helps every budget, A.
Season’s eatings brings season’s greetings, The (Dole Pineapple).
Second-helping flavor.
SEE story of the year, The (Body by Fuller).
See twice as much for half as much (Southern Pacific).
See us at your earliest inconvenience (pawnbroker).
Seen in the smartest places where the smartest car belongs (Oldsmobile).
Send-off breakfast of flavor-packed whole wheat, The (Shredded Ralston).
Serve this feast for four in a thrifty jiffy (Armour’s Treet).
Serve up meat as a succulent stew, a robust roast or a glorious grill.
Service beneath the surface (Todd Shipyards).
Service to transportation is a service to the nation.
Service with a smile (Ford Trucks).
Set it—and forget it (Silex Coffeemaker).
Shapely as an hour-glass, slim as a cigarette (Taylor’s).
Shave the surface and you save all (Schick Shaver).
Shave of your life for the rest of your life, The (Eversharp Schick Razor).
She gave me BRIDE ideas (Kleenex).
She was beautiful in her sleep because her skin was wide awake (Woodbury’s).
Sheer make-up for sheer beauty (Houbigant).
Sheer veil of scented mist, A (Cheramy Perfume).
SHEET music to sing about (Pepperell Sheets).
Shine is the sign of a healthy, A (Shinola).
Shiny nose is a thorn in the heart of a charm, A (Primrose Powder).
Ships of the AIR can’t stop for REPAIR (Wolf’s Head Oil).
Shop early, and easily (Bell Telephone).
SHORT on work, LONG on flavor (Del Monte Fruits)
Short course in driving longer, A (Dow Chemical Co.).
Shorter days mean longer odds—against you (National Safety Council).
Shortest distance between two hearts, The (Indiscreet Perfume).
Shortest word for longest mileage, The (General Tire).
Silent as a Christmas candle (Electrolux).
Silex makes “Merry Christmas” last all year.
Silhouette smooth (Sitroux Hair Nets).
60,000 owners drove it to success (Mercury).
640 trips to the moon (Oldsmobile).
Sizzling is silly (Duo-Therm Cooling).
Sky-high style, down to earth comfort (Winthrop Shoes).
Sleep going to keep going (Pullman).
Sleep like a log, wake like a lark (Telechron Electric Blocks).
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Pitch perfect: printed pearls, pt. 2

We’re continuing our long march through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. Sunners entitled this week’s collection “Printed Pearls,” and he described them as follows: Pithy phrases picked from printed advertisements because they possess particular qualities such as alliteration, rhyme, contrast, comparison, repetition, lilt, or just plain good sales points.

This group’s an exceptionally long one, so we’ll view it in three installments. This week, G-P.

Gay and spirited as young laughter (Skylark Perfume).
Gay as May (Textron Summer Blouses).
Gentle dental care (Teel).
Gentlemen, be treated (P. O. N. Beer).
Get an inCENTive, then put in the CENTS (Savings Bank Assn.).
Get more, get Kelvinator.
Get more go from every gallon (Oldsmobile).
Get your furnace off your mind (General Electric).
Get the DROP on that COUGH (Dean’s Cough Drops).
Gets at the core of every cleaning chore (Softwash Cleaner).
Gift she’ll open every day, A (G. E. Refrigerator).
Gift that keeps on giving, The (RCA Victrola).
Gift that really remembers, The (Kodak).
Gift with a lift, A (Paris Garters).
Gifts men like to give and gifts that men like to get.
Give his neck a break (Van Heusen Shirts).
Give them ALL a good time (Telechron Clock).
Give your car an extra year of youth (Cities Service Gasoline).
Give your child a CAREER for Christmas (Royal Portable).
Gives your smile breath-taking beauty (Calox Tooth Powder).
Gleaming silver on your gown, but no shine on your nose (Woodbury’s).
Glorifies every dish it touches (Heinz Ketchup).
Glorifying the world’s fare (Heinz Ketchup).
Glue without goo (Casco Cement).
Good eyesight is the gateway to better living.
Good flour is the foundation of good baking.
Good for everything you bake and everything you bake with it is good (Gold Medal Flour).
Good name to go buy, A (Old Hickory).
Good taste in a remedy (Alka-Seltzer).
Good to be in, good to be seen in (Pontiac).
Good to the last luscious left-over (Swift meats).
Goodbye to the bugaboo of boil-away (anti-freeze).
Gracious gift to a house you love, A.
Grapefruit drink that gives you GO (Squirt).
Great American family car, The (DeSoto).
Greatest invention since the FACE, The (Vestpok Dry Shaver).
Grime does not pay (A-C Spark Plug).
Grime does not stay (Koroseal Curtains).
Gripes of wrath, The (Pepto-Bismal).
Guardians of good grooming (Owens Brushes).
“Guest-quality” margarine, The.

Hair relief without the grief (Gilbert Vitalator).
Has that knack for meal or snack (Delta Cocktail Onions).
HAT ease on the home front (Champ Hats).
Have a dish of sunshine and have the laugh on winter (Del Monte Pineapple).
Have fun, be gay on the Santa Fe (Pullman Coach)
Have teeth that shine like the STARS (Calox Tooth Powder).
HE builds a house, SHE make a home (McCall’s Magazine).
He has “hayfield” hair (Kreml Hair Tonic).
Head-spinning, heart-winning perfume, A (Frolic).
Headway for Spring (Ladies’ Hats).
Heart to heart fragrance, A (Coty).
Hearts in harmony until she smiles (Ipana Toothpaste).
Heart-winning, head-spinning (Frolic Perfume).
Heats the room, not the chimney (Duo-Therm Oil Burner).
Heavenly aroma that hangs like a fragrant halo ’round your coffee pot (Wakefield Coffee).
Heinz make YOUR soup YOUR way.
Help RCA help USA (production drive).
Help your beauty bloom this spring (Ivory Soap).
Here’s arch relief beyond belief (shoes).
Here’s riding at its LEVEL best (Oldsmobile).
He’s a man after my own hands (Hind’s Lotion).
He’s stone deaf until you say RITZ (crackers).
His duty to serve, hers to inspire (Coty Cosmetics).
Holds your foot like a gentle hand (Selby Shoes).
Home Tweet Home (name for a bird house).
Home with a smile is the home with a Hoover, The (vacuum cleaner).
Hot, but NOT bothered (Havoline Motor Oil).
How is your Vitamin “see”? (Oculist’s ad).
How many kisses in a cake of soap (Cashmere Bouquet).
How to be happy though harried (Miami Beach).
How to get a Pike’s pique (Montague Fishing Rod).
How to give a budget supper a banquet air (Stokely’s Finest Canned Foods).
How to hold youth and retard old age (Florida Grapefruit Juice).
How to make a bright child brighter (Royal Portable).
How to make a man’s face glow on a dark morning (Pillsbury Pancake Flour).
How to make light work of heavy meals (Del Monte Canned Food).
How to put the lovelight in her eyes (Whitman’s Chocolates).
How to RING a wedding belle (Kreml).
How to TREAT guests (Campbell’s Tomato Soup).
Hug you love, The (Holeproof Luxite Girdles).
Hungry for sunshine? Have it sliced (Del Monte Pineapple).
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Pitch perfect: printed pearls, pt. 1

Our long march continues through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. Sunners entitled this week’s collection “Printed Pearls” and described them as follows: Pithy phrases picked from printed advertisements because they possess particular qualities such as alliteration, rhyme, contrast, comparison, repetition, lilt, or just plain good sales points.

This group’s an exceptionally long one, so we’ll view it in three installments. This week, A-F.

Absence makes the meat grow tender (Hotpoint range).
Across the continent in comfort (Ford).
Add sparkle to your breakfast and sparkle to your day (Sunsweet prunes).
Adds life to your charm and charm to your life.
Again a year ahead (Zenith radio).
All for fun and fun for all (Step Lively, a movie).
All is not new that glitters (Old Dutch Cleanser).
All-out aid for a hungry man (Campbell’s soups).
All that’s best at lowest cost (Chevrolet).
All the dirt, all the grit, Hoover gets it every bit (vacuum cleaner).
All the way with Chevrolet.
All the world loves a happy BLENDING (Calvert).
All-fluid drive belongs to Dodge, the results belong to you.
All through your beauty sleep your skin must stay awake (Woodbury’s Cold Cream).
All ways right with Willsonite (sun glasses).
Always a good companion (Dutch Master Cigars).
American marches forward on TIME (Hamilton Watch).
An Equitable Life Annuity puts gold in your purse when there’s silver in your hair.
An extra trifle buys this eyeful (Buick).
An eye for comfort (Willsonite Sun Glasses).
An eyeful of fashions, a buy full of features (Buick).
An old-time soup hits an all-time high (Campbell’s Soup).
Anatomic energy (Gold Center wheat cereal).
And the bride served happily ever after (Community Plate).
And the world will approve your choice (Cadillac).
Announcing a new RING champ (Super-X piston rings).
Answer to a modern’s prayer (Nescafe).
Any mountains you want moved? (Association of American Railroads).
Appetites don’t take vacations (Campbell’s Soups).
Apt for autumn appetites (bread).
Arabian nighties (Arabian nightwear).
Are you one of the “Battered bonnet brigade”?
Are you pensioning your shirts too soon? (Wings Shirts).
Are your cocktails such great shakes? (Heublein’s Club Cocktails).
As friendly as a letter from home (Wine Advisory Board).
As American as Yankee Doodle (CAmpbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup).
As cold as the North Pole, as constant as the North Star (Lektrelite).
As comfortable as a kitchen before a fireplace (Sloan’s Liniment).
As distinctive as a voice, as pleasant as a friendship (G. & D. Vermouth).
As flattering as flickering candlelight (Dorothy Dodd Shoes).
As flexible as your feet (Smith Shoes).
As intimate as firelight, as infinite as the stars (Steinway Pianos).
As mischievous as a sidelong glance (Adrian perfume).
Ask your mirror about your mattress (Beautyrest).
At HOME in more than a million homes (Click Magazine).
At the head of every Easter parade (hats).
Avoid moving daze.
Awards for some, rewards for ALL (McGraw-Hill Magazines).
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Pitch perfect: unclassified

As we said last week, our long march through the various categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans, is nearly at an end. We have remaining only a few broader (though no less compelling) categories. This week’s collection is categorized by Mr. Sunners as “Unclassified.” What’s the difference between that and last week’s category, Miscellaneous? Frankly, we have no earthly idea.

Absolute perfection of the watchmaker’s art, The (eye loupe), Harry Elkins.
Acclaimed by millions from coast to coast (Dreft), Soap flakes.
ACTION is one-half of satisfaction (Mrs. William Sunners, 1926).
Actions keeps on longer after the brushing stops (Squibb’s dentrifice).
After all, “The Taste tells” (Delrich Margarine), Cudahy.
Alkaline dental cream, The (Squibb).
All along the line, Duz does everything.
Always buy Chesterfield (cigarettes).
Always one step ahead (men’s wear), Chas. Weiner & Sons, Chicago.
Always one step ahead of the weather (Rusco windows), F. C. Russell Co.
American artistry in glass (Turchin), 41 East 42nd St., New York 17.
America’s best-loved greeting cards (Norcross), New York.
America’s handsomest desks (Nottingham), C. R. Slight Co., Grand Rapids.
America’s largest-selling imported beer (Tecate Importer), California.
America’s most famous line of baking mixes (Duff’s).
America’s most popular nurser (Evenflo).
An address of distinction (D. D. Bohannon Organization), San Francisco.
An agency built on service (McCann-Erickson).
An auld acquaintance ne’er forgot (Gavin’s Scotch).
Art in industry (stencils), Fabritecture Studio, Chicago.
At home in every room (Glamorug).
Automatic gas range, The (Caloric).

Bagless vacuum cleaner, The (Filter Queen).
Ball o’ candy with a heart o’ gum, The (Fleer’s), Philadelphia.
Band-It Clamps go round the world (Band-It Co.), Denver.
Bargain king, The (Trader Horn), Better Cars, Inc, New York.
Be a safety first girl with Mum.
Be paintriotic (paint firm slogan).
Be SURE you save at a savings bank (Savings Bank Association), New York.
Be wise, buy wise, economize with Colorcraft Press (Minneapolis).
Beauty by the brushful (Brooklyn Varnish Co.).
Best by zest test (Ten Bruin’s mustard).
Best for less, The (Rudley’s Food Stores), New York.
Best in the house is Schenley, The.
Best seat in the house, The (Church Seats), Holyoke, Mass.
Better coffee every time with S & W (S & W Fine Foods), San Francisco.
Better light, better sight.
Better shoes for less money (Samson), A. I. Caplan, St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Blond beer with the body, The (Tecate Importers).
Body by Fisher better by far.
Bonded pigments (Palm Bros. Decalmania Co.), Cincinnati.
Brand name of better gloves (Aris Gloves).
Brand that always puts flavor first, The (Del Monte fruit cocktail).
Brew for you, The (American Brewing Co.), , Rochester.
Bronze strong as as nickel steel, A (Hy-Ten-Sl), Manganese Bronze Co., Phila.

Calling all mothers (Fraternal Order of Eagles), Kansas City, Mo.
Candies of distinction (Brown & Haley), Tacoma, Wash.
Candy of distinction (Brown & Haley).
Carefully conceived contests can create consumers (Amer. Newspaper Syndicate).
Carefully conceived contests, constantly conducted, can create consumers.
Carefully conceived contests create consumers (American Newspaper Syndicate).
Channel 7 for what’s worth watching (WJZ-TV), New York.
Checks first with the finest (General Oil Burner Corp.), Baltimore.
Checks odors instantly (Quell household deodorant), Hoy Chemical Co., St. Louis.
Cheese; zest at its best (American Dairy Association).
Chevrolet, and only Chevrolet, is first.
Chewing gum bon bon, The (Vi-Lets), F. H. Fleer Corp., Philadelphia.
Choice of good judges (3 Feathers).
Choice of good painters (Merkin).
City convenience . . . RFD (Rapid Thermoglass Co.), Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Club with a heart to spade in the diamonds, The (N. Y. Contest Club).
Coat that leads a double life, The (Two-Timer), C. B. Shane Corp., Chicago.
Coffee with the flavor advantage, The (Folger’s).
Company that likes to say YES, The (Personal Finance Co.).
Completely automatic home laundry, The (Launderall).
Contests can create consumers (American Newspaper Syndicate).
Controlled comfort (Spring-Air Mattress), Holland, Mich.
Controls the arch (leather fabric), Julian & Kokenge Co., Cincinnati.
Convertible sofa with accordian action, The (Sofa-niter), Charlton Co.
Cool antiseptic lotion, The (Cool Ocean Co.), New Orleans.
Count on Centennial (Centennial Flouring Mills Co.), Seattle.
Cream of the coffees, The (Albert Ehlers, Inc.), Brooklyn, N. Y.
Custom-built quality at production line prices (Fruehauf truck bodies).
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Pitch perfect: safety

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market companies and organizations involved in safety.

Automatic fireman on the wall, The (Shur-Stop Mfg. Co.).

Careful drivers consider the careless drivers.
Conserve to serve national defense (Idium Corp. of America).

Drinking and driving do not mix (Seagram).

Everything for safety everywhere (Siebe Gorman & Co.), England.
Everything for fire prevention and fire protection (American La France).
Extra margin of safety (Kendall Refining Co.).

Fortify for fire fighting (Pyrene extinguisher).

If you drink, don’t drive; if you drive, don’t drink.
In business for your safety (Am. Chain & Cable Co.).
In case of fire push the button and run (Diebold Safe & Lock Co.).
It’s safe because it’s faster (C-O Two Fire Equipment Co.).

Kills fire, saves life (Pyrene Mfg. Co.).

Nothing talks like actual performance (American La France Fire Engine).

Oldsmobile for safety first.
One of two might be you (National Safety Council).
Otis, the world’s word for elevator safety (Otis Elevator Co.).

Pays for itself by what it saves (Iron Fireman).

Reckless drivers are seldom wreckless long (Nat. Safety Council).

Safeguard your home with a Belknap sentinal (Automatic valves).
Safe scaffolding for every purpose (Patent Scaffolding Co.).
Speed with safety (Nothern Texas Traction Co.), Fort Worth.

Thank your Bear man for your accident that didn’t happen (Bear Safety Device).
There can be no compromise with safety (Am Chain Co.).

Water engineered by Rockwood cools, confines, smothers (Rockwood Sprinklers).
When the fire starts, the water starts (Grinnell Automatic Sprinklers).
World’s word for elevator safety The (Otis Elevator Co.).

You can’t ride home on an insurance policy (Foamite-Childs Corp.).
Your safety is our business (Hazard Wire Rope).