A Flower for Ernie Pyle

A colleague of ours went to Hawaii last week, with a few days spent on Oahu. We told her about the late, great Ernie Pyle, a journalist we admire greatly (for both his reporting during World War II and his travel writing of the 1930s, when he drove the byways of the USA and wrote about he found there), and asked her to snap a picture of his final resting place, if she should happen to visit the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (also known as the Punchbowl Cemetery).

To be honest, we didn’t think it very likely she’d be visiting the Punchbowl, but we figured, what the heck—can’t hurt to ask. We visited the Punchball in the early ’80s, when our family spent some time on Oahu, but we didn’t know much about Pyle at the time, and so didn’t seek out his grave.

Bless her heart, our colleague made a special trip to the Punchbowl and left a flower for Ernie on our behalf. We’re very touched by the gesture.

Ernie Pyle's grave marker