Pitch perfect: hosiery

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market ladies’ hosiery and stockings (and even a few mens’ socks).

All that its name implies (True Shape Hosiery Co.).
As you like it (hosiery), J. R. Baston Co., Inc.

Background of beauty (Virginia Maid Hosiery), Pulaski, Va.
Because you love nice things (silk stockings), Van Raalte Co., New York.
Be sporty in ’40 (hosiery), C. H. Roth Co., New York.
Be sporty and fine in ’49 (Rose Specialty Shoppe), Brooklyn.
Be wiser, buy Kayser (hosiery, gloves, lingerie).

Chosen for lasting loveliness (Orient hosiery).

Dependable hosiery, The (Mojud).

Eye line of smartness, The (St. Johns Silk Co.).

For good and FITTING reasons (Kayser gloves and hosiery).
For sheer loveliness wear Chatelaine Silk Hosiery (St. John’s Silk Co.).
For the loveliest legs in the world (Berkshire Knitting Mills).
Free from “rings” and “shadows” (No-Sha-Do hosiery).
From mill to millions (Real Silk Hosiery), Indianapolis.
Full fashioned for flawless fashion (Belle-Sharmeer hose).

Hosiery of distinction, The (Chatelaine).

In the California manner (Gude’s, Inc.), Los Angeles.

Jewel of hosiery, The (Bijon), New York.

Knit to fit with the comfort foot (hosiery), Burson Knitting Co.

Leg-size stocking for leg-wise women (Belle-Sharmeer).
Longer wear in every pair (Blue Moon Silk Hosiery Co.), Philadelphia.
Long Milage Hosiery (Phoenix Hosiery Co.).
Long stocking that fits every leg, The (Gotham Gold Stripe).

Made the strongest where the wear is hardest (Durham Hosiery Mills, Inc.).
Mile of silk, inspected inch by inch, A (Berkshire stockings).

Not just nylons, but Cannon nylons.

On a pedestal (Gold Stripe stockings).

Rollins answers the gift question (Rollins Hosiery Mills), Des Moines.

Sheath the leg in loveliness (Cameron nylons), Burlington, N. C.
Sheer enduring beauty (stockings), Aberle, Inc.
Sheer, sheer, Berkshire (Berkshire Knitting Mills).
Silk stockings that wear (Gotham Silk Hosiery).
Sings its own praise (hosiery), Rosenberg & Brand.
Smartest thing on two feet, The (Esquire Sock), New York.
Sock America wears to work, The (Nelson Knitting Co.).
Sporty Forty (hosiery), C. H. Roth Co.
Stocking beautiful, The (La France Hosiery), Fieldcrest Mills.
Stockings of matchless beauty (Hoover Sales Corp.), Concord, N. C.
Style and wear in every pair (Hosiers, Ltd.).

Take to water like a duck (Adler socks).
That’s all you need to know about stockings (Mojud).
There’s longer wear in every pair (hosiery), Largman Gray Co., New York.
They do things for your legs (Rollins Hosiery Mills), Des Moines.
They’re wear-conditioned (Monmouth Hosiery Mills), Trenton.
This is, indeed, hosiery “as you like it” (Berkshire Knitting Mills).
Try them on for sighs (Strutwear nylons), Minneapolis.

Warm toes in Fox River Hose.
Wash them any way you like, we guarantee the size (Adler socks).
Wear-conditioned stockings (Monmouth Hosiery Mills).
Wear Kayser, you owe it to your friends (gloves, hosiery).
Wear longer (Davenport Hosiery Mills).
Will not kink (Milo Hose), Boston Woven Hose Co., Cambridge, Mass.
World’s most beautiful stockings (Canadian Silk Products, Ltd.).

You just know she wears them (McCallum Hosiery Co.).
You’ll love the look of your leg in Larkwood (hosiery).
You’re asking for a good sock (Westminster sock).
You’re sure of yourself in Phoenix (Phoenix Vita Bloom Hosiery), Milwaukee.