Pitch perfect: printed materials

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market various printed products, from greeting cards to diaries to encyclopedias.

Accepted educational standard, The (Compton’s Encyclopedia).

Balanced reading for discriminating people (Circle 12 Books), Wrentham, Mass.
Birthday greeting cards of character (Rust Craft), Boston.
Booksellers to the world (Brentano’s), New York.
Built through generations (Encyclopaedia Americana).

Child who reads is the child who leads, The (Book House for Children), Chicago.
Christmas Greetings cards of character (Rust Craft).

Easter Greeting cards of character (Rust Craft).
Everyday greeting cards of Character (Rust Craft).
Every good book . . . by mail (Israel Soifer), New York.

For those who read for profit (Barron’s), New York.

Give memory insurance (Standard Diary Co.), Cambridge, Mass.
Good books shed light (Victor-Scott), New York.
Greeting Cards of character (Rust Craft).

Invest in memory insurance (Standard Diary Co.).
It clocks your appointments (Calendar pads).
It hangs everywhere (Automobile Trade Directory).

Kind to your pocket and pocket book (Pocket Books, Inc.), New York.

Like sending your family to college (Webster’s International Directory).

Remember, for better reading it’s “Circle 12” books.
Replace fear with cheer. Send Christmas cards this year (Greeting Card Assn.).

Scatter sunshine with greeting cards (Greeting Card Assn.), New York.
Small enough to mount on a stamp (Engel Art Corners), Chicago.
Spend 15 minutes a day reading Dr. Eliot’s “Five foot shelf.”
Standard road guide of America (Automobile Blue Book).
Supreme Authority, The (Merriam Webster), Springfield, Mass.

That reminds me. (Ever Ready Calendar Mfg. Co.).
To do good business and to do business good (Booknook Shop), Brooklyn, N. Y.

We do not sell our publications, they belong to God (Samaritan Sacred Song).
World is yours with the World Book, The (W. F. Quarrie & Co.), Chicago.