Pitch perfect: furniture

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market furniture, beds, rugs and baby furniture.

America’s finest mattress (Spring-Air), Holland, Mich.
America’s most luxurious mattress (Englander).
America’s quality mattress (Ostermoor)
Ask for Karpen furniture, find the nameplate before you buy.

Baby’s best bed builders (Gem Crib and Cradle Co.), Gardner, Mass.
Beautiful sheets with wear woven in, The (Pepperell).
Bedspring luxurious, The (Rome Co.), Rome, N. Y.
Berth of a nation, The (Greenpoint Metallic Bed Co.).
Better bedding by Burton.
Better sleep makes better husbands (Englander).
Better your home, better your living (Drexel furniture).
BETTER your home, better your LIVING (Drexel furniture), New York.
Built for sleep (Ostermoor & Co.), mattress.
Built for sleep (beds), Simmons Co.
Burlington, the scatter rug of beauty (Lack Carpet Co.).
Buy Castle Furniture for your castle.
Buyword for quality, A (Wellsville Upholestering Co.).

Chair of amazing comfort, The (Jamestown Upholstery Co.), Jamestown, N. Y.
Come take a trip around our Castle (Castle Furn. Co.), Union City, N. J.
Comfort first (Nachman Spring Filled Co.).
Cradle of liberty, The (Paragon Furniture Co.), New York.

Double your pleasure out of doors, sleep on air anywhere (Hodgman Rubber Co.).

Enduring masterpieces (Kiel Furniture Co.).
Everything in floor coverings (Claflins, Inc.).

Famous overnight (Eclipse Sleep Products), Brooklyn.
Feels like kid (Gunn Furniture Co.), Grand Rapids.
Feels like walking on velvet (Clinton Carpet Co.), Chicago.
First in sleeping comfort (blankets), G. E. Automatic.
For America’s royalty (bedding).
For better baby furniture (Glass Novelty Co.), Chicago.
For controlled warmth (thermostatic blankets), Fieldcrest Mills
For gracious living (Northern Furniture Co.).
For lucky babies (Whitney Carriage Co.), Leominster, Mass.
For relaxation and sleep (Manhattan-Rome Co.).
For the best night’s rest you ever had, sleep on a Hodgman Air Bed.
For the REST of your life (Slumber Chair), C. F. Streit Mfg. Co.
For the sleep that rests (Burton Dixie Corp.), Chicago.
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