Pitch perfect: Watches

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market watches, jewelry, and silverware.

Accurate beyond comparison (Warren Telechron Co.), Ashland, Mass.
America appreciates good time (Ribaux watches).
America runs on Bulova time (watches).
America’s best-dressed women wear Coro jewelry.
America’s distinguished timepiece (Harvel Watch Co.), Newark, N. J.
America’s most distinguished timepiece (Elgin).
Art in diamond rings (B. & E. J. Gross Co.), New York.

Bejeweled by Gaylin (Gaylin Jewelry Co.), New York.
Beloved by brides for almost a century (Art-carved rings).
Best at the price, The (silversmiths), Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co.
Best-known name in sterling (Gorham).
Bright jewels bridge the gap, join the ideal and the real, dreams and love.
Bulova Watch time, the gift of a lifetime.

Choice you make once for a life-time, The (silverware), Wallace Sterling.
Clocks that most people want most, The (G. E. Heralder).

Day-Craft gifts are the gifts worth while (Day-Craft, Inc.), Springfield, Mass.
Deal with Diel means a good deal, A (Diel Watch Case Co.).
Dependable time (Sessions Clock Co.), Forestville, Conn.
Dessau diamonds true the wheels of industry (Maurice S. Dessau).
Diamonds win hearts (Loftis Bros. & Co.), Chicago.
Dominant influence in the jewelry industry, A (The Keystone), Philadelphia.
Do keep time (clocks), Phinney-Walker Co., New York.

Engineered for accuracy (Rensie Watches).
Every day is a gift day (Nat. Gift and Art Assn.), Philadelphia.
Everything in rings (Istby & Barton Co.).
Express your individuality (Continental Jewelry Co.).
Exquisite at America’s beauties (Rensie watches).

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