Pitch perfect: Cameras

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market cameras and photographic accessories.

All-purpose film (Kryptar Corp.), Rochester, N. Y.

Better pictures, with less effort (G. E. exposure meter).
Big enough for any Kodak print (Engel Art Corners).

Forever yours (Kodak snapshots).
For superb personal movies (Filmo), Bell & Howell.

Gets great pictures (Graflex).

If it isn’t an Eastman, it isn’t a Kodak (camera).
In pursuit of happiness, Revere adds to your pleasure (movie cameras).
It deserves to be preserved (Dura Pictures Corp.).

Kodak as you go (camera).

Make every child a picture (G. H. & E. Freydberg).
Make the world brighter, send a smile (Hutton Photo Stamp Co.)

Negative for positive results, The (Gevaert film).

One pictograph tells more than a thousand words (Pictograph Corp.).
One picture tells more than a thousand words (Pictograph).
Only Eastman makes the Kodak (camera).

Pays for itself in the money it saves (Multistamp Co.).
Photographs live forever (Photographers Assn. of America).
Photographs live forever in loving hearts (Photographers Assn.).
Photographs of distinction (Bachrach, Inc.).
Photographs tell the story (Photographers Assn.).
Photography that tells and tells (McManus Studios).
Pictures that satisfy or a new roll free (Agfa films).
Putting ideas into picture form (Retlaw Visualizations).

Say it with pictures (Commercial Photo Service Co.).
Say it with pictures (Stereopticon Lantern Slides), E. A. Richter.
Say it with pictures, often (Photographers Assn.).
Sign of pretension, The (Skan), Exposure meter.
Snapshots you’ll want tomorrow, you must take today, The (Kodak).
Snapshots remain long after you go (Photographers Assn.).
Snapshots, often, are all that remain after your dear ones go.

When you picture moves, it lives (Cine Kodak).
YOU press the button, IT does the rest (camera film).
You press the button, we do the rest (Eastman Kodak).
Your snapshots look better enlarged (Sterling Photo Co.).
Your story in pictures leaves nothing untold (American Photo Engravers Assn.).