Pitch perfect: ladies' undergarments

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market brassieres, corsets, and other women’s undergarments.

Above all, under all (Dove Skin undies).
Always-fresh, wet-proof panties, The (Nata-Pax).
Arrow aims at allure (Arrow bra).
As modern as tomorrow (Royal Worcester Corset Co.), Worcester, Mass.

Beautiful corset worn by beautiful women to make them more beautiful (Lily of France Corset Co.), New York.
Bien Jolie creates the world’s finest corsetry.
Boast of the gown, The (Prim Miss Brassieres and Girdles), Sidley Co.
Bra that fits like magic, The (Genie).

Checks your figure but not your freedom (Marvelette, Inc.), Worcester.
Covers the subject (foundation garments), Sid Levy & Sons, San Francisco.
Custom-corseted look, The (Newman & Sons, Inc.), New York.

Difference makes the difference, The (Anne Alt brassiere).
Don’t say underwear, say Munsingwear.

Eventually yours (slip), Corette.
Every corset guaranteed (rust-proof corsets), Warner Bros. Co.
Everything is under control (Vogue Foundations, Inc.), Newark, N.J.
Every woman needs a little Vanity (foundation).

Fantasy in freedom (undies), Blue Swan.
Fashioned each season to fit each season’s fashions (Royal Worcester Corset).
Fast becoming the greatest name in corsetry (Diana).
Figure magic of feather lightness (brassiere).
Fit as a fiddle (Society Girl foundations).
Fit-from-any-angle, patented pantie girdle, The (Sport-Tights).
Fits the feminine clan (girdle), Sidley Co.
Fits to precision (Pre-cize girdle).
“Fitting” tribute to the feminine figure, A (Primrose Foundations).
Fitting the purse as well as the figure (Cusette Foundations).
Flatters where it matters (Adola brassiere).
For a figure to remember (RumBRA).
For beauty to have and to hold (Petalpoint Motif bra).
For that certain “lift” (Elaine bra).
For that priceless young look (Formaid brassiere).
For the full figure (Youthline foundation).
For the lift of your lifetime (Life bra).
For the modern miss (Charmese foundations).
For youthful figures of all ages (Lasticraft Foundations).
Foundation of American beauty, The (Best Form Corset), New York.
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