Pitch perfect: office machines

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market business machines and office supplies.

Anything that sticks (Mystik), Adhesive products.
As easily as the sun shines (Blue Reprint machines), Wicker Bros.
As new as tomorrow (Dictaphone).

Better protection with Meilink-built safes (Meilink Steel Safe Co.).
Brush with a backbone, The (gummed paper moistener), A. C. Hummel.
Built for business (paper clipper machine), Sibley Mfg. Co.
Built like a safe (Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co.).
Built like a skyscraper (steel filing cabinets), Shaw-Walker Co.
Built to endure (Globe-Wernicke Co.).
Built to last a business lifetime (Monroe Calculating Machine Co.).
Business pencil, The (J. Dixon Crucible Co.).
Business tools (Diebold Safe & Lock Co.).
Buying a cheap show case to save money is like stopping the clock to save time.
Buy only what you need when you need it (Visible filing system), Diebold.

Census takers of industry, The (Root Co.), Bristol, Conn.
Certified on checks; Lawrence on warehouse receipts (Lawrence Warehouse Co.).
Clean floors reflect clean business (Finnell System Inc.).
Clean service for every customer, A (Paper Cup & Container Institute).
Clean service for every customer every time, A (Paper Cup Institute).
Compare the work (Typewriter Co.).

Dawn of a new era, multiple copy forms for clerical efficiency, The.
Dictate to the dictaphone (Columbia Gramaphone Co.).
Don’t write, Voice-O-Graph (voice recorder), Int. Mutoscope Corp.
Doubles your ability to get things done (Dictaphone).

Each rug cleaned in our $25,000 washer (Shampay Bros.), Indianapolis.
Electro-Copyst, a photo-copying machine for every office (Electro-Copyst).
End the day with a smile (Standard typewriters), Royal.
Every business form for every form of business (Baltimore Salesbook).
Every type of adhesive for every industrial use (National adhesives).
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