Pitch perfect: coffee, tea, and cocoa

Of late, we’ve been posting lists of sixty-year-old advertising slogans, taken from a 1949 book called American Slogans.

Today, we’re sharing a list of slogans culled from the same source that were utilized by companies that manufactured and marketed coffee, tea, and cocoa:

All-purpose cocoa, The (Runkel Bros.).
All the good left in (Cheek-Neal Coffee Co.), Brooklyn, N.Y.
Always fresh (Jewell Tea Co., Inc.)
Always in good taste (Royal Blend Coffee), Granger & Co., Buffalo.
Always the same, always good (Old Reliable Coffee), Dayton Spice Mills Co.
Always the same good coffee (The Haserot Co.), Cleveland.
America’s largest selling high grade coffee (Maxwell House), Cheek-Neal.
American’s No. 1 Mountain Grown coffee (Folger).
Any time is tea time (Ceylon).
Aristocrat of packaged cocoa, The (E. & A. Opler, Inc.), Chicago.
As delicious as coffee can be (Hanley & Kinsella Coffee Co.), St. Louis.

Be coffee-wise, not coupon-foolish (Merchants Coffee Co. of New Orleans).
Best cup of coffee at great profit (Amerin coffee-making system), Buffalo.
Best drinking coffee in the world, The (Lowrey Coffee Co.).
Brings happiness (Blue Bird Tea Co.), Halifax, N.S.
Brisk flavor, never flat (Lipton’s Tea).
Butter-nut, the coffee delicious (Paxton & Gallagher Co.).

Children like it better than milk (Ghirardelli’s hot chocolate).
Chocolate drink in every package, A (Richardson Corp. Rochester.
Cocoa with more chocolate flavor, The (Baker’s).
Cocoa with that chocolaty taste, The (Runkel Bros.).
Cocoa from the magic mountains (Folger), Kansas City, Mo.
Coffee is our business (Harrison Co.).
Coffee — 95% of the Caffeine removed (Kaffee Hag Corp.)
Coffee of inspiration, The (Schwabacher Bros.), Seattle.
Coffee that lets you sleep, The (Kaffee Hag Corp.), Cleveland.
Coffee that’s “always good,” The (Schwabacher Bros.).
Coffee, the American drink (Joint Coffee Trade Publicity Committee), New York.
Coffee, the perfect drink (Canby Co.).
Coffee without a regret, The (Barrington Hall Coffee), Baker Importing Co.
Coffee you don’t have to make, The (George Washington Coffee).
Completely automatic drip coffee maker, The (S.W. Farber, Inc.). New York.
Contains no caffeine or other harmful stimulants (Postum).
Cup of southern hospitality, The (Duncan Coffee Co.), Houston, Tex.
Cup that cheers, The (Reichardt Cocoa & Coffee Co.), New York.

Depend on, insist on Don Leon.
Double smooth (Rockwood & Co.). Brooklyn, N.Y.
Drink it and sleep (Sanka), General Foods Co., New York.

Ehlers is pronounced “A”lers.
Empire’s best, The (Lyon’s Tea).
Even a child can tell the difference (Reichardt Cocoa & Chocolate Co.).
Every cup’s a cup of joy (American Coffee Co.).
Every drop delicious (Nash Coffee Co.), Minneapolis.

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