Pitch perfect: cars and trucks

Of late, we’ve been posting lists of sixty-year-old advertising slogans, taken from a 1949 book called American Slogans.

Today, we’re sharing a list of slogans culled from the same source that were utilized by companies that manufactured and marketed automobiles, trucks and buses:

All that’s best at the lowest price (Chevrolet).
America’s first car (Haynes).
America’s finest motor car for America’s finest families (Pierce-Arrow).
America’s first truly fine small car (Marmon).
America’s friendliest factory (Studebaker).
America’s greatest truck (Mutual Truck Co.).
America’s lowest-priced fine car (Pontiac).
America’s most luxurious motor car (Stearns-Knight).
America’s smartest car (Ranier).
An eye to the future, an ear to the ground (General Motors).
As fine as money can build (Chrysler).
Ask the man who owns one (Packard).

Bared to its bones, it’s still the “beauty” (Buick).
Beautiful beyond belief (Hudson).
Beauty and distinction of custom car styling, The (Kaiser).
Best bet’s Buick.
Better buy Buick
Big brother to the railroads, The (Kelly-Springfield Motor Truck).
Big-car quality at lowest cost (Chevrolet).
Brockway, the right way (truck).
Builder of trucks you can trust (Studebaker).
Builds great cars (Plymouth).
Built for business (Duplex Truck).

Car of no regrets, The (King Motor Co.).
Car for every purse and purpose, A (General Motors).
Car of a thousand speeds, The (Owen Magnetic Motor Car).
Car of the year in eye appeal and buy appeal, The (Studebaker).
Car that has everything, The (Oldsmobile).
Cat that is complete, The (Chevrolet).
Car with a longer life, The (Westcott).
Car with the foundation, The (Commonwealth).
Chief of the sixes (Pontiac).
City at your door, A (International Harvester Co). Trucks.
Comfort car, The (Hupmobile).
Complete car, completely new, The (Chevrolet).
“Coming thing” in cars–has come, The (Nash).

Dependable motor car, The (Austin).
Drive America’s safest car (Hudson).
Drive away in comfort, drive back in safety (Chevrolet).

Easy to buy new, easy to sell when old (Ford).
Eight with eighty less parts, The (Apperson Bros.).
Every Acason is a good truck.
Everybody drives a used car (L.F. Jacob & Co.).
Every road is a Maxwell road.

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