Pitch perfect: machinery

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, today we feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market machinery and machine parts.

Adamite Gears last for years (Pittsburgh Iron & Steel Foundries).
All-purpose, one-man crane, The (Byers Machine Co.).
All there is in bearings (Timken).
All work and no play (Timken Roller Bearing Co.).
American way is the right way, The (Am. Slicing Machine Co.).
America’s foremost tractor (Wallis), J. I Case Plow Works.
America’s leading replacement ring (Am. Hammered Piston Ring Co.).
America’s pioneers in worm gears (Cleveland Worm & Gear Co.).
An all-’round farm motor of a higher type (Piersen Telegraph Transmitter Co.).
An institution of service (Reading Industrial Loom).
An invention, not an imitation (New Idea Spreader Co.), Coldwater, Ohio.
Any price is too high if it can be reduced (International Harvester).
As easy to operate as a vacuum cleaner (Coldwell Lawn Mower Co.)
As fast as your machine can sew (Hemmer).
Ask any owner (Buckeye Traction Ditcher Co.), Findlay, Ohio.
Ask the man in the cab (Locomotive Crane).
A T & M advances centrifugal design (American Tool & Machine Co.).
Automatic set-up for wear (Blackmer Pump Co.).

Be profit-wise and Dieselize with Buckeyes (engines), Buckeye Machine Co.
Better, quicker, cheaper (Caterpillar Tractor Co.).
Between today’s knowledge and tomorrow’s looms (Crompton & Knowles).
Biggest of all in range of industrial products (Allis-Chalmers).
Blue brutes (Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp.), Newark, N. J.
Blue ribbon products (Coppers Engineering Corp.), Worcester, Mass.
Bowers saves power (Bower Rolling Bearing Co.).
Bucket design (Blackmer Pump Co.), Grand Rapids.
Builders of heavy duty engines for over twenty years (Waukesha Motor Co.).
Built to endure (Black & Decker Mfg. Co.), Towson, Md.
Built to live in the water (Chrysler marine engines).
Burn your name in metal (Arkograph Pen Co.), Portland, Ore.

Can speed the nation’s freight (Timken roller bearings).
Caps ’em all (bottle capper), Comstock-Bolton Co.
Cap with the handy lever, The (Kork-N-Seal Closure), Crown Cork.
Cap with the little lever, The (Williams Sealing Corp.), Decatur, Ill.
Century of confidence, A (Roebling mining cables).
Chains that have grown up with the oil fields, The (Rex Chain Belt Co.).
Compo makes the machinery that makes the better shoes.
Connecting link between power and production, The (Clipper Belt Lacer Co.).
Covers all filtration problems (Purolator filter).
Cutter that does not clog, The (Paper Machine Co.), Shortsville, N. Y.

Demonstration is a revelation, A (Savage Arms Corp.).
Dependable power, absolute safety (Troy Engine & Machine Co.).
Dependable power units (Domestic Engine & Pump Co.), Shippensburg, Pa.
Dependable power units for contractors (Domestic Engine & Pump Co.).
Designed for your industry, engineered for you (Coppers Engineering Corp.).
Diesel brawn without the bulk (Detroit Diesel motor).
Dig for all the world (Hayward buckets).
Distinguished service line, The (W. H. Page Boiler Co.).
Distinguished service separator, The (De Laval Separator Co.).
Do more with Meyer (Bottling equipment), Cudahy, Wisc.
Dual duty (Timken Roller Bearing).

Electric hoist that operates in the minimum, The (American Engineering Co.).
Engine builders source for piston rings, The (Muskegon).
Engineered to the job (Rollway Bearing Co.), Syracuse, N. Y.
Engineering consultants on the South (J. E. Sirrine & Co.), Greenville, S. C.
Every line a leader (Fairbanks Morse & Co.), Chicago.
Every pound of power pulls (Dorr-Miller Differential Co.).
Everything for every mill and elevator (Strong-Scott Mfg. Co.).
Ezy-Kleen strainers (Blackman Pump Co.), Grand Rapids.
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