Pitch perfect: meat

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market meat and meat products.

All the old-time flavor (mince meat), Atmore & Son, Inc. Phila.
All the taste without the waste (Council meats), Indian Packing Co.
America’s first choice for flavor (Armour Co.).
America’s luxury ham (Armour meats).

Best and nothing but the best is labeled Armour, The.
Best-lookin’ cookin’ in town, The (Armour meats).

Cold or hot, Spam hits the spot.
Counter sign of quality, The (Koch Butcher’s Supply Co.).

Folks favor Fromm’s flavor (Sausage and meat products), Fromm Bros.
Food purveyors to the nation (Swift Meat Co.).
For those who really like to eat (Smithfield meat).
Fresh from sunshine and pure air (Council meats), Indian Packing Co.

Ham what am, The (Star Ham), Armour & Co.
Hygrade in name, Hygrade in fact (Hygrade Food Products Co.).

If it’s Borden’s it’s got to be good (mince meat).
It’s just ham unless it’s Swift’s.

Kansas product from Kansas farms, A (Butzer Packing Co.).
Kind mother used to make, The (New England minced meat).

Long, tender, golden brown strips (Butzer Packing Co.).
Long, tender golden brown strips from Kansas (Butzer Packing Co.).

Made with home care (meat products, Otto Stahl).
Millions favor that Brickfield flavor (Swift & Co.).
Meals without meat are meals incomplete (Theobald Industries).

No parboiling, it’s ovenized (Swift’s ham).

Our wurst is the best (Mickleberry’s Sausage).

Pick the polka dot package (Swift & Co.).
Popular for flavor, taste, price (Deerfoot Farm Sliced Bacon).

Sausage with the just-right seasoning, The (Swift’s Brookfield Sausage).
Say Skinless when you say frankfurters (Viking Corp.).
Serve the meats your butcher eats (Felin’s fresh sausage).
Smoke that never varies from fires that never die (Swift foods).
Square meal from a square can, A (Broadcast Redi-Meat).

Taste tells, The (Cudahy Packing Co.).
Taste the flavor (meat products), Carl A. Weitz, Somerville, Mass.
Taste the taste (deviled ham), William Underwood.
That’s my meat (Kingan & Co.), Indianapolis.
They’re sure to be tender (skinless franks).
Traditionally preferred throughout our land (Swift’s bacon).
Try it a week; you’ll use it for life (Swift & Co.).
Twice as good because it’s pork and beef (Hygrade Food Products Co.).

We dress our own (Grand Central Market), Aberdeen, Wash.
Wilson label protects your table, The.
With that sweet smoke taste (Swift’s bacon).

You get “Half a chicken in a can” (Lynden chicken fricassee).