Pitch perfect: printed pearls, pt. 1

Our long march continues through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. Sunners entitled this week’s collection “Printed Pearls” and described them as follows: Pithy phrases picked from printed advertisements because they possess particular qualities such as alliteration, rhyme, contrast, comparison, repetition, lilt, or just plain good sales points.

This group’s an exceptionally long one, so we’ll view it in three installments. This week, A-F.

Absence makes the meat grow tender (Hotpoint range).
Across the continent in comfort (Ford).
Add sparkle to your breakfast and sparkle to your day (Sunsweet prunes).
Adds life to your charm and charm to your life.
Again a year ahead (Zenith radio).
All for fun and fun for all (Step Lively, a movie).
All is not new that glitters (Old Dutch Cleanser).
All-out aid for a hungry man (Campbell’s soups).
All that’s best at lowest cost (Chevrolet).
All the dirt, all the grit, Hoover gets it every bit (vacuum cleaner).
All the way with Chevrolet.
All the world loves a happy BLENDING (Calvert).
All-fluid drive belongs to Dodge, the results belong to you.
All through your beauty sleep your skin must stay awake (Woodbury’s Cold Cream).
All ways right with Willsonite (sun glasses).
Always a good companion (Dutch Master Cigars).
American marches forward on TIME (Hamilton Watch).
An Equitable Life Annuity puts gold in your purse when there’s silver in your hair.
An extra trifle buys this eyeful (Buick).
An eye for comfort (Willsonite Sun Glasses).
An eyeful of fashions, a buy full of features (Buick).
An old-time soup hits an all-time high (Campbell’s Soup).
Anatomic energy (Gold Center wheat cereal).
And the bride served happily ever after (Community Plate).
And the world will approve your choice (Cadillac).
Announcing a new RING champ (Super-X piston rings).
Answer to a modern’s prayer (Nescafe).
Any mountains you want moved? (Association of American Railroads).
Appetites don’t take vacations (Campbell’s Soups).
Apt for autumn appetites (bread).
Arabian nighties (Arabian nightwear).
Are you one of the “Battered bonnet brigade”?
Are you pensioning your shirts too soon? (Wings Shirts).
Are your cocktails such great shakes? (Heublein’s Club Cocktails).
As friendly as a letter from home (Wine Advisory Board).
As American as Yankee Doodle (CAmpbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup).
As cold as the North Pole, as constant as the North Star (Lektrelite).
As comfortable as a kitchen before a fireplace (Sloan’s Liniment).
As distinctive as a voice, as pleasant as a friendship (G. & D. Vermouth).
As flattering as flickering candlelight (Dorothy Dodd Shoes).
As flexible as your feet (Smith Shoes).
As intimate as firelight, as infinite as the stars (Steinway Pianos).
As mischievous as a sidelong glance (Adrian perfume).
Ask your mirror about your mattress (Beautyrest).
At HOME in more than a million homes (Click Magazine).
At the head of every Easter parade (hats).
Avoid moving daze.
Awards for some, rewards for ALL (McGraw-Hill Magazines).
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Pitch perfect: refrigerators

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market home refrigerators and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Aristocrat of refrigerators, The (Herrick Refrigerator Co.).

Best dealer in town sell Norge, The (refrigerator).
Better always better (Kelvinator). Refrigerator.
Better products for a better world (Norge).
Better way of living, A (electric refrigeration), Soc. for Elec. Development.
Built for connoisseurs of refrigeration (Kelvinator).
Built right for over forty years (ice boxes), Belding-Hall Electric Corp.
Buy your last refrigerator first (Jewell Refrigerator Co.).

Chest with a chill in it, The (Maine Mfg. Co.).
Coat-O-Cold (refrigeration plates), Portable Elevator Mfg. Co.
Cold and silent as a winter night (Sparton refrigerator).
Colder-than-ice refrigeration (Iron Mountain Co.).
Cook with cold (“Ice Maid”), Lamson Co., Syracuse, N. Y.
Crisp dry cold of a frosty night, The (Iroquois Electric Refrigeration Co.).

Defrosts itself, saves shut-downs (Belding-Hall).
Dependable electric refrigeration (Lamson Co.).
Dry constant cold of the mountain top, The (General Refrigeration Co.).

Electrical refrigeration, a way to better living (Soc. for Elec. Development).
Electric ice is self-defrosting, The (Belding-Hall).
Electric refrigeration, a way to better living (Soc. for Elec. Development).

Fills a universal need (Universal Cooler Corp.).
Fits any ice box (iceless refrigeration), Isko Co.
Flame that freezes, The (Servel, Inc.).
For better living (G.E. refrigerator).

General Motors means Good Measure.
Get the best thing first, get Kelvinator.
Good reputation has to be earned, A (Blu-Cold Refrigerators), Lehigh Mfg. Co.

Ice by wire (Servel).
Ice cubes instantly, tray to glass (Inland Mfg. Co.), Dayton.
Ice is cheaper, better, safer (Ice Publicity Assn.).
Ice that never melts (Sanat Refrigerating Co.).
Is your refrigerator a Success? (Success Mfg. Co.).
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Pitch perfect: Cameras

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market cameras and photographic accessories.

All-purpose film (Kryptar Corp.), Rochester, N. Y.

Better pictures, with less effort (G. E. exposure meter).
Big enough for any Kodak print (Engel Art Corners).

Forever yours (Kodak snapshots).
For superb personal movies (Filmo), Bell & Howell.

Gets great pictures (Graflex).

If it isn’t an Eastman, it isn’t a Kodak (camera).
In pursuit of happiness, Revere adds to your pleasure (movie cameras).
It deserves to be preserved (Dura Pictures Corp.).

Kodak as you go (camera).

Make every child a picture (G. H. & E. Freydberg).
Make the world brighter, send a smile (Hutton Photo Stamp Co.)

Negative for positive results, The (Gevaert film).

One pictograph tells more than a thousand words (Pictograph Corp.).
One picture tells more than a thousand words (Pictograph).
Only Eastman makes the Kodak (camera).

Pays for itself in the money it saves (Multistamp Co.).
Photographs live forever (Photographers Assn. of America).
Photographs live forever in loving hearts (Photographers Assn.).
Photographs of distinction (Bachrach, Inc.).
Photographs tell the story (Photographers Assn.).
Photography that tells and tells (McManus Studios).
Pictures that satisfy or a new roll free (Agfa films).
Putting ideas into picture form (Retlaw Visualizations).

Say it with pictures (Commercial Photo Service Co.).
Say it with pictures (Stereopticon Lantern Slides), E. A. Richter.
Say it with pictures, often (Photographers Assn.).
Sign of pretension, The (Skan), Exposure meter.
Snapshots you’ll want tomorrow, you must take today, The (Kodak).
Snapshots remain long after you go (Photographers Assn.).
Snapshots, often, are all that remain after your dear ones go.

When you picture moves, it lives (Cine Kodak).
YOU press the button, IT does the rest (camera film).
You press the button, we do the rest (Eastman Kodak).
Your snapshots look better enlarged (Sterling Photo Co.).
Your story in pictures leaves nothing untold (American Photo Engravers Assn.).

Pitch perfect: Watches

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market watches, jewelry, and silverware.

Accurate beyond comparison (Warren Telechron Co.), Ashland, Mass.
America appreciates good time (Ribaux watches).
America runs on Bulova time (watches).
America’s best-dressed women wear Coro jewelry.
America’s distinguished timepiece (Harvel Watch Co.), Newark, N. J.
America’s most distinguished timepiece (Elgin).
Art in diamond rings (B. & E. J. Gross Co.), New York.

Bejeweled by Gaylin (Gaylin Jewelry Co.), New York.
Beloved by brides for almost a century (Art-carved rings).
Best at the price, The (silversmiths), Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co.
Best-known name in sterling (Gorham).
Bright jewels bridge the gap, join the ideal and the real, dreams and love.
Bulova Watch time, the gift of a lifetime.

Choice you make once for a life-time, The (silverware), Wallace Sterling.
Clocks that most people want most, The (G. E. Heralder).

Day-Craft gifts are the gifts worth while (Day-Craft, Inc.), Springfield, Mass.
Deal with Diel means a good deal, A (Diel Watch Case Co.).
Dependable time (Sessions Clock Co.), Forestville, Conn.
Dessau diamonds true the wheels of industry (Maurice S. Dessau).
Diamonds win hearts (Loftis Bros. & Co.), Chicago.
Dominant influence in the jewelry industry, A (The Keystone), Philadelphia.
Do keep time (clocks), Phinney-Walker Co., New York.

Engineered for accuracy (Rensie Watches).
Every day is a gift day (Nat. Gift and Art Assn.), Philadelphia.
Everything in rings (Istby & Barton Co.).
Express your individuality (Continental Jewelry Co.).
Exquisite at America’s beauties (Rensie watches).

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Pitch perfect: publications

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market newspapers, magazines, and trade publications.

Actual stories of actual people (Secrets), Cleveland.
All the facts, no opinion (United States Daily), Washington D.C.
All the flexibility of a newspaper with the coverage of a national magazine (United States Daily).
All the news that’s fit to print (New York Times).
Always first, always fair (Indianapolis Star).
Always in the lead (Detroit News).
Always reaches home (Newark Evening News).
Always reliable (Philadelphia Record).
Always Springfield’s greatest newspaper (Illinois State Register).
America’s best read weekly (Liberty Magazine).
America’s biggest home magazine (Better Homes & Gardens).
America’s biggest suburban home market (Better Homes & Gardens).
America’s family magazine (Look).
America’s first service magazine (Better Homes).
America’s greatest reference book (World Almanac).
America’s investment weekly (Financial World).
America’s largest dairy magazine (The Dairy Farmer), Des Moines.
America’s largest Polish newspaper (Everybody’s Daily), Buffalo.
America’s leading power boat magazine (Power Boating), Cleveland.
America’s magazine for the outdoorsman (Field & Stream).
America’s most potent editorial force (Life).
America’s number one sportsman’s magazine (Field & Stream).
America’s quality magazine of discussion (Forum).
An American institution (Saturday Evening Post).
An illustrated weekly of current life (Outlook).
An independent newspaper (Los Angeles Evening Herald).
An international daily newspaper (Christian Science Monitor), Boston.
Aristocrat of music magazines, The (Singing), New York.
Ask us about advertiser’s cooperation (Allentown Morning Call).
As national as agriculture (Farm Life), Spencer, Ind.
Authority of industry, national and international (Iron Trade Review).
Authority of the waterways, The (The Work Boat).
Automotive business paper, The (Motor), New York.
Automotive service shop magazine, The (Motor Service).

Backbone of New York advertising, The (Sunday American).
Baltimoreans don’t say newspaper, they say SUNpaper (Baltimore Sun).
Best bet in Baltimore (News-Post).
Best comedy in America, The (College Humor).
Best of the world’s press, The (Woman’s Digest).
Better your home, better your living (House Beautiful).
Big book with the orange cover, The (Talking Machine World).
Biggest, brightest, best magazine for boys in all the world (American Boy).
Biggest in the country (Farm Journal).
Big news always first, The (Boston Telegram).
Blue book of the trade, The (Tea & Coffee Trade Journal).
Boy Scouts’ magazine, The (Boys’ Life).
Brisk magazine of Parisian life, The (Paris Nights).
Business journal of furnishing and decoration, A (Good Furniture Magazine).
Business magazine of the radio industry, The (Radio Retailing).
Business paper of the electrical industry since 1892, The (Electrical Record).
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