A New Deal in Video Games

We’re not what might be termed avid gamers. We kill a few idle minutes now and then playing Bejeweled on our smartphone, and we’ll play Mahjong on our laptop and then. We even own a first-generation Wii and have flirted with bowling a perfect game on it more than once.

But we own no XBox, no PS4, no … em, Gameboy? (Are those still a thing?) And we certainly don’t pretend to have our fingers on the pulse of what’s the latest and greatest thing coming down the gaming pike at any given time.

But there’s a game currently garnering a good deal of buzz that we’re quite excited about (and we think you will be, too). It’s called Cuphead, and it’s the first effort from a Canadian developer called Studio MDHR. Its animation is hand-drawn, as was the norm long ago, and best of all, it very faithfully reproduces the look of 1930s cartoons (particularly, to our eyes, the work of the Fleischer Brothers, best known for their Betty Boop and Popeye the Sailor cartoons).

The soundtrack will feature original jazz tunes, composed by Kristofer Maddigan, that will, according to the company’s website, “be recorded live with a group of musicians in the vein of 1930′s music.” We do hope, however, that the final product will feature music that is more authentically 1930s in flavor than is heard in the trailers below; that’s our only hesitation about the project at this point in time.

Cuphead won’t be available for purchase until 2015, but we trust it’ll be well worth the wait. Hec, we’ll likely come to consider Cuphead the Official Video Game of Cladrite Radio!