Pitch perfect: office machines

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market business machines and office supplies.

Anything that sticks (Mystik), Adhesive products.
As easily as the sun shines (Blue Reprint machines), Wicker Bros.
As new as tomorrow (Dictaphone).

Better protection with Meilink-built safes (Meilink Steel Safe Co.).
Brush with a backbone, The (gummed paper moistener), A. C. Hummel.
Built for business (paper clipper machine), Sibley Mfg. Co.
Built like a safe (Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co.).
Built like a skyscraper (steel filing cabinets), Shaw-Walker Co.
Built to endure (Globe-Wernicke Co.).
Built to last a business lifetime (Monroe Calculating Machine Co.).
Business pencil, The (J. Dixon Crucible Co.).
Business tools (Diebold Safe & Lock Co.).
Buying a cheap show case to save money is like stopping the clock to save time.
Buy only what you need when you need it (Visible filing system), Diebold.

Census takers of industry, The (Root Co.), Bristol, Conn.
Certified on checks; Lawrence on warehouse receipts (Lawrence Warehouse Co.).
Clean floors reflect clean business (Finnell System Inc.).
Clean service for every customer, A (Paper Cup & Container Institute).
Clean service for every customer every time, A (Paper Cup Institute).
Compare the work (Typewriter Co.).

Dawn of a new era, multiple copy forms for clerical efficiency, The.
Dictate to the dictaphone (Columbia Gramaphone Co.).
Don’t write, Voice-O-Graph (voice recorder), Int. Mutoscope Corp.
Doubles your ability to get things done (Dictaphone).

Each rug cleaned in our $25,000 washer (Shampay Bros.), Indianapolis.
Electro-Copyst, a photo-copying machine for every office (Electro-Copyst).
End the day with a smile (Standard typewriters), Royal.
Every business form for every form of business (Baltimore Salesbook).
Every type of adhesive for every industrial use (National adhesives).

Fastens it better with wire (Bostitch), stapling machine.
Fastens it better and faster with wire (Bostitch).
Finer typewriter at a fair price, A (Oliver Typewriter).
First name in business systems, The (Remington Rand).
First portable, The (Corona typewriter).
Fist grip clips (Thomas Laughlin Co.), Portland, Me.
Fixin’s that fashions follow (Stone Bros.) Brookline, Mass.
For every room in the home (Globe-Wernicke).
For higher standards of business management (L. V. Estes).
Free-coasting files (Shaw-Walker Co.).
Full facts first (Hanford Reports).

Get your man, no waiting, no walking (Dictograph Products Corp.).
Gift that continues to give, The (Underwood-Elliot-Fisher), typewriter.
Good for good business (Rentalinen), Linen Supply Assn of America.
Good point to remember, A (Saf-T-Hed), Thumb tacks.

Holding better business with better business forms (Baltimore Salesbook).
Hole-mark of a system, the symbol of accuracy, The (Remington-Rand).

If not made by Felt & Tarrant it’s not a Comptometer.
If speed is what you need, get Swingline (staples & stapler).
Insure clerical efficiency and profit protection, use multiple copy forms (Malady & MacLauchlan).
Insure your profits, use Stimpson products (Stimpson Computing Scale).
It’s an “open and shut” case (Swingline staples).
It speaks for itself (Transformer Corp. of America).
It’s said and done (Dictaphone).
It staples, it tacks, it pins (Swingline staples).

Lifetime office equipment (Shaw-Walker Co.).
Look and listen (Fairchild-Wood Visaphone Co.).

Machine for every purpose, A (Remington Typewriter).
Machine to count on, The (original Ohner), Adding machine.
Machine you will eventually buy, The (Underwood typewriter).
Make your indentity stick (glue), Bingham Bros.
Many typewriters in one (Hammond typewriter Co.).
Master of mathematics (Merchant Calculating Machine Co.).
Methods that keynote the future of business (Remington Rand).
Million yards of good will, A (gummed paper moistener), A. C. Hummel Co.
Modern business forms for modern business systems (Baltimore Salesbook).
Modern way to moisten, The (gummed paper moistener), Hummel.
Monroe for every figure job, A (Calculating machine).
Most modern of lightweight typewriters (Royal).

Office tools (Diebold Safe).
Only visible equipment with the Flex-Site patent shift, The (Brooks Co.).

Personal writing machine, The (Corona).
Plan’s the thing, The (Holden Peters & Clark).
Preference for Ediphone persists (dictograph).
Printed proof on Barrett Portable (adding machine).
Prints from type (addressograph).
Proper moistening is essential to good sealing (Hummel).
Push the button and run (Diebold Safe).

Quickest way to duplicate (Ditto duplicator), Duplicator Mfg. co.

Real safe, not a pretense, A (J & J Taylor), Safes.
Record systems that talk facts fast (filing system).

Safe investment, The (Gary Safe Co.).
Sets the stage for industry (San Antonio).
Space enonomizer (Cardineer and Reveldex Record System), Diebold Safe.
Speedwriting, the natural shorthand (Speedwriting Co.).
Sticks most everything (Casco cement).
Sticks to its job (glue), Monite Waterproof Glue Co.
Stronger than wood, enduring as the rock (Monite).

Talk facts fast (Visible Filing System), Diebold Safe.
Tape that tackles everything, The (Mystik Adhesive Products).
THE standard typewriter in portable size (Royal).
They do run easier (Royal).
They express success (Cutler Desk Co.).
Think once, write once, at once (Ediphone).
‘Tis timely indeed (Timely Records, Inc.).
To save business time (Remington typewriter).
Trend to dictaphone swings on, The.
22% faster (Underwood typewriter).
Typewriter leader of the world (Underwood).

Underwood-Elliot-Fishers speeds the the world’s business (typewriter).
Universal mender, The (Lepage’s Glue), Russia Cement Co.
Unless you have money to burn (Better Bus. Bur. of Rochester, Inc.).

We pave the way to save delay (office equipment), Currier Mfg. Co.
When it writes, it whispers (Noiseless typewriter).
Wherever money is handled or records are kept (National Cash registers).
World’s safest safe, The (Safe-Cabinet Co.).
World’s speediest stapler (Swingline).
World-wide voice writing service (Ediphone).

You can pay more, but you can’t buy more (Royal typewriter).
You can’t buy a multigraph unless you need it (Multigraph Co.).
You see what you write as you write it (check protector), New Era Mfg. Co.

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